[GUIDE] How to Set Up a beautiful FREE Social Media Analytics/Reports Dashboard

This is a quick guide on how to set up an analytics dashboard either for yourself or for your clients. We’ll be using Dasheroo.com , they offer a free tier with 1 dashboard and 4 insights.

If you need more dashboards and don’t want to pay simply just create an account for each social media profile.

Let’s get started:

Sign up

Exit welcome screen

Edit dashboard name

Change name

Name changed

Select insight app

Select insight “overview” (or whatever you want)

Select insight “engagement rate” (or whatever you want)

Select insight “recent posts” and “highest engagement” (or whatever you want)

Connect account

Account is now connected

Add 4 insights

Click connect to finish setting it up

Select settings

When you see connecting, that insight is done. Proceed to the next one.

Select settings

Top posts engagement

Select settings

To resize click and drag the corner tab. You can also drag and drop the insights around as you please.

Resize start

Resize done

This is my final dashboard

You can rename insights through here

Rename insight settings

Team sharing (or client sharing)

Enter the person you want to share the dashboard with email. Optional: add a message.

This is the email they receive

To view different time periods switch date ranges. The free tier only let’s you see data for up to 30 days. Paid goes from 6 - 12 months I believe.

Hope this helps you guys, specially the people that need some sort of reporting for clients.


Excellent! I think this is just the tool I’ve been looking for (although not very hard). The price is right, thanks for sharing!


Will look later!

You need to login with your ig account for stats for that acc or not?



Yes, you need to “connect” (log in).

Actually, you need to log in if you want the data to update automatically. You could create dashboards based on Google sheets (excel) but it would be more manual work.


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For sure! With the paid versions you can share via URL, so no need for them to get invited and what not. Probably easier that way.

How many times per day it update? I am worried about PV/Bans.
Especially with accounts of others.

Btw nice guide and i’m gonna try this👌 Thanks!

The only thing is the initial connection of accounts, which is a PITA, but once done not a big deal at all.

No idea but it connects as an “authorized app” so I’m sure their updates don’t count against your actions.

I actually have my own theory that connecting to apps like these actually helps look more “natural”.

I personally like to link to other services like IFTTT.com and stuff like that.

Just a hunch.


Yea, probably best if done through the EB.

Thinking about login with 1 ip for as example 20 clients…not a risk??

You could use the EB. If you use 1 IP is because of laziness not because there is no other way :wink:

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Yes but it’s easy to have 1 dasheroo acc with all accs. This way i can see the best average post time for my accs. And no need to login in different accs.

Right. Not sure how it works on the backend of dasheroo and what information instagram sees but you can connect each Instagram account through their embedded browsers to the same dasheroo account.

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tks for sharing, I’ll test it,
I usually use google studio which gives me a bit more customization, but the tip is good.

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You can easily use the proxy switcher and cache cleaner I linked to for creating accounts, you would simply log into Dasheroo with the same creds once you’ve logged in, it would be the same as using the EB.

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Tell us more about that!

And i will ask dasheroo more info about how they connect to ig and how bigger companys work with that safety issue!

Thanks for idea!


Please tell us what they say👍

Yes, that works too. I use “proxy omega switchy” for chrome for that but from my extensive SEO experience, no cache/no cookies it’s very unlikely scenario :wink: so sometimes I rather just use the EB, specially when I’m too lazy to set up the proxy on the switcher haha

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it’s a mix between Google Data Studio: https://datastudio.google.com/
Supermetrics: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/supermetrics/bnkdidgbiidpnohlnhmkehlimlnfhgce
And google Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/

This week, I think that I can do a tutorial and share it with the community :slight_smile:


Would be very nice!