{Guide} Ranking Your Facebook Comments

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to show you How to Rank Your Facebook Comments on Big Pages.

Step 1 :

Comment on a big page in your niche. Add a hashtag in your comment to drive that traffic to your website.

Step 2 :

Right Click on the comment time and copy that URL. Which is your comment id.

Step 3 :

Go to Leetshares.com paste your comment id in the comment liker tool. Wait for few seconds your comment will receive hundreds of likes within few seconds.

Send more likes to your comment until you reach top position then stop. Now people will naturally start to see your comment and they will start liking your comment as well as visit your website from there.

Note : leetshares will charge $25/month. But this fees will completely negligible if you monitor this strategy properly.

Benefits : you can rank your comments anytime anywhere in facebook comment section. Share your thoughts below.

Here are the results :

My comment is at the top of taylor swifts post. This is today’s post of Taylor Swift.


Using this strategy, I used only 3 comments amd I received hundreds of website visitors and 34 leads from past 2-3 days. I spent only 5 minutes to those comments!


what kind of offers you’re promoting with this strategy ?


I promote my music. You can promote your affiliate products too.

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I wouldn’t promote affiliate products directly on Facebook. Probably just with a landing page.

Is this service safe by the way? Basically you are buying fake likes/comments which can be harmful and cause ban, isn’t?


yeah even i would be concerned on that . @Vishal_Pawar since how long have you been using this method ?>

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i thought of doing email submits as these has low risk of fckin up reputation but they might as well get exposed fast by the “reply” comments. Well i guess there’s one way to find out

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I’ve been ranking my comments from 2013. But today it’s very simple just because of leetshares.

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Yes. This is completely safe. Use Adnan’s technique of hashtags for your landing page. It will work easily. But don’t spam everywhere write quality comment and then rank it with above method.


thank you for the method will defenetly test it out. If you got 34 lead for your music that should be really hard imho as anyone can get free songs and all that on youtube or soundcloud then this looks promising.

Yes. Internet is filled with free music. But i am showing my musical experience on landing page. That’s why they sign up for my free music. Thanks for your kind words.

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Method looks great, but if you are on the top comments promoting a link, people will report you like crazy and you will eventually get banned I guess, how long have you been doing this? thanks for the share.

As you can see i am not promoting link, use hashtag it will work great. It’s been 15 days and i never hit any ban from facebook. Also comment related to the post then people will end up liking your comment.

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Interesting method - how many hits to your website can you get from a comment like this

yeah am interested in this, but i reckon a lot of comment will get hidden by the pages

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i probably will test it out today at evening. I think if you use high authority links like youtube you wont get f-ed up fast.

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Within 4-5 comments i receive more than 100 clicks.

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Wow that’s impressive :smiley:
I will try this then. :slight_smile:


Wow great tutorial @Vishal_Pawar, thank for sharing this, special hastag lead to you status, i think this can work with video, so we can drive people to see facebook video to increase view.

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Thanks Octopurba.

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