[GUIDE] Shout for Shout with Jarvee (WARNING: it has limitations)

I have been going back and forth with jarvee support on this, for the last few days.

So, i took it upon myself to figure out how to do s4s with jarvee and it is not all i had hoped for. here on mpsocial there are some replies that point you in the right direction, but there is some important information missing, and i wanted to have a thread that details exactly how this can be done within jarvee, and the inherent limitations of the app (see end of this post for the ‘Gotchas’).

To begin, the way to post a shoutout to an account is as follows:

  1. go to destination lists, click add destination list, check the box for the target IG account and check the box for wall/profile (name the destination list whatever you want)
  2. go to campaigns and click add campaign, then name it whatever you want
  3. in overview tab, check box for post as part of your story (this may actually have no purpose as you do this elsewhere too)
  4. go to ‘what to publish tab’, and make sure you are in the ‘add posts’ sub tab
  5. type nothing in the add single post to queue box (see gotchas below)
  6. add image to use for shoutout (ideally provided by account you are trading with - see gotchas below)
  7. click on instagram advanced options (just above ‘add to drafts’ button), and check ‘post as part of story’, then check ‘tag specific user’ and add the user you are doing the shoutout to. then close this pop up window of advanced options
  8. click add to post list
  9. click ‘where to publish’ tab and select the destination list for the IG account you are using for posting the shoutout (created above)
  10. click on posts lists tab
  11. find the shoutout you want to post, and click publish now

Though this works, it has some serious problems…


  1. if you add hashtags in the text box, tagged users will not be visible. it would appear jarvee places the hashtags and tagged users in the exact same location on the image, so that when you tap the image in the shoutout on your account, only the hashtags are visible. so for shoutouts, keep the text box clear

  2. tagged user will appear in the CENTER of the image, not where you have the ‘follow @targetuser

  3. text added to the text box (non hashtags) does not appear in shoutouts

  4. you cannot add ‘Follow @targetaccount’ to the image, so the image you use must ALREADY have that in place. meaning you have to create a shoutout, not post it, download the image with ‘Follow @targetaccount’ in place, then upload it into jarvee…largely pointless as you are already creating the shoutout by hand. Best bet, have the person you are trading with do this and send you an image you only have to add the tag to.