Guides for Pintrest Marketing

Hi all,

I’m a complete novice when it comes to Pinterest literally never used it. Any recommended guides for getting started with this. I would mainly be looking at marketing/driving traffic.


I’m looking for this too ! if i find something i’ll update it here


Cheers :slight_smile: i’ll do the same.

Yeah following this too. I found this course from Lynda but I dont know if it’s any good:

In comparison to the information being shared here most courses seem basic and boring


Worth a lookie… i’ll have a read / watch thanks mate.

I came across this video when i was looking for information about pinterest marketing

It’s a good explanation of the basics and a nice starting point !


thanks mate i’ll have a look at this later tonight

Thanks :slight_smile: In my opinion Pinterest is the most difficult social media haha

Lots of learning to do then! But i do feel like its less “cramped” compaired to instagram less people doing it.

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It’s true I think ! So let’s try it :slight_smile:

thanks for the share, do you think it’s worth investing time in Pinterest in the fashion niche?
Some people say they get lots of traffic, others don’t bother with it at all. I am confused!


I’ve had pretty bad results with pinterest to be honest. I’m in the travel niche and it seems way too convoluted as a platform. I feel like users see way to many ads and have a much much longer window for when they make purchases.


thanks for the video, have been wanting to explore Pintrest marketing for a while

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awesome! Thank you!

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This is a good guide to Pinterest marketing which has helped me grow my own accounts much faster than without implementing these strategies.

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Thanks brother. I will do it