🎉Happy birthday @Babs!🎉


wow . Happy bday and this community proved something. I’ve never seen someone wishing happy birthday in any IM community. Best wishes




Happy babs day :joy: :birthday::beers::clinking_glasses::champagne::fireworks::gift::balloon::ribbon::confetti_ball::tada::dancer::man_dancing:

…oh I think I’m a week early. This is awkward. July '17 is July 2017, not July 17th

I’ll leave now




Happy birthday old salty doggo


Babs! Babarino! Babsy! Happy Bday my man!

Now you can legally buy alcohol. It’s all downhill from here.

Next stop is 30. You get nothing special in life for that. Then there’s 40, which just means your getting old.

Then you’ll hit 50. Still get nothing special.

But at 55 you get a discount at McDonalds and Triple A, which is nice.

So you’ve got that to look forward to ya know.


Y’all goofy hahaha, Thanks a lot, love you guys
Im expecting every single one of you to come back here on July 27th to say happy birthday again :wink: @theotherdave was right :smiley:


Aaaaaaay welcome to the 21+ club man :sunglasses:


happy birthday!!! just don’t get to f-ed up at the clubs and do somethng you will regret…:slight_smile:


Happy b-day man! See you in Forbes!


I saw this thread some days ago and wanted to congratulate yesterday, too :see_no_evil:

Anyway… we will come back in 9 days…

@Wortime, sorry, for pointing on you, but it seems you congratulate other people. And you have helped a lot of people here and you have been asked a month ago when your birthday is… So, now its the time to reveal it, finally :slight_smile::blush:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Babs. :birthday:

You’re a legend mate. Hope you have a good one. :smiley:


Today is the day :tada::tada::tada:

Happy birthday and many sales, @Babs :birthday:


Its the 27th somewhere :slight_smile:

Happy birthday @Babs


Happy birthday @Babs :tada:


Haaaaaaaaaaaaapppppyy Birthday @Babs


Oi. NOW ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Get some babs!


Happy Birthday @Babs. Wish u the best.


Wow this thread again…? Already?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy birthday Babarino.

Your 20’s are a good time :+1: (from what I barely remember)…


Does someone have any information about Babs? I have recently purchased his growth service for few of my clients, the process did not work out and money is gone. Plus he seems inactive, which is the biggest problem since I cannot even refund the clients myself.

I really did not expect this from him, he seemed like a good guy.