🎉Happy birthday @Babs!🎉


Hi, I have no doubts in babs whatsoever.
One of the most real and HQ guys I know.

I will try and contact him for you. I know he’s been extremely busy lately.


Thank you so much!



I’m trying to reach him out but same situation…



@Babs is a really good guy but at times a bit unresponsive due to the overwhelming pressure he has from all the clients. If he is not able to meet your expectations, he will try his very best I’m sure and he will get you your growth. One of my accounts with him was struggling too but he’s turned things around and growth is now going as expected.

I’d just advice you to have a bit of patience on him and he’ll do things right for you. :slight_smile:



I had the same thing happen to me as well but we worked it out a few days later. I think he’s overwhelmed with the amount of clients so communication might be lagging. Hope it works out for you!


Happy Birthday :tada:


UPDATE: Babs has resolved my issue, now I know that he is one of the most trustworthy people on the internet. Hard to find people like him these days. Thank you Babs!


How much did he pay you to write this? :joy:


$2k :slight_smile: …lol he did not pay me anything, I am just updating since the problem was resolved.


Premise: _I’m quite sure that @babs it’s an honest and good guy because of his reputation on the forum both with his leader badge and I don’t want to damage his image, business and reputation but at the same time I believe that forums should be transparent in all the situations and everyone must say everything that happens or have in mind (if it’s true and constructive).

Just for forum information, below my situation with him:

June 27: I started asking him about the the service and in the following 30 days before picking one plan he was answering to all my doubts and questions before starting.

July 31: I picked his best plan ($149) with one account to give a try. (in order to understand the quality of the service and understand if this may have become an extra service to offer also to my clients).

August month: We were speaking about the service that was not working (the profile had the same grow of before, no increase, no differences.) He was fixing the issues and adding extra % in order to reach the plan promises. I was on vacation all the month and I decided to renew the service and try another month due to his reputation here.

September month: Unfortunatelly nothing changed and the grow is the same as before. Moreover I wrote many times to him but he is replying back after many days. I got the last message from him 10 days ago but also after that message nothing changed and he disappeared (he told me was having important personal issues.)

Conclusion: I tried to reach him other times after that message in order to find a solution, but no reply. Because all what I said, after waiting 10 days for a response and 2 month for the grow promised and even seeing above this topic that he is actually replying to other users, I asked a refund.


I’ve sent @Babs a message, he should contact you soon.


Babs where you at mate =[


Babs had some issues, hopefully he’ll be back with us soon.


happy birthday



Just received a PM from @Babs.

As everyone says he seems a very good guy and I opted in his services in a very unlucky and difficult period for him. Unfortunately, as he was not able to provide the service and has no time at the moment, I got refunded.

Thanks @Adnan to take care of the whole community as usual :slight_smile: