Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


I bought a new very expensive mobile proxy, testing it on one account. First day all fine, second day blocks 5 days. Very low settings: something like 4 likes per hour and 2 follows per hour, with random timing, trying to behave as a real user.


Amigo , la cuenta es de confianza?

Tu cuenta puede estar marcada o el device id


Just use English guys!


Well just got a hardblock for 7 days after getting an AC on my own account for testing.

AC on DC proxy 4-5 days ago, switched to 4G.
4G on API ran smooth as silk for a few days.
Got AC earlier this after noon, switch passwords.
Resumed actions to finish the day off.
Up to about 110 and got AC now, 7 day block. All actions turned off.

So yes AC + 7 day block is real. But Im guess my second AC was probably because not resting after the first AC msg. Oh well

Im guessing not actions, wait the 7, clear cookies, reset ID, and warmup again?



Si es una cuenta personal, siempre en el mismo tel, iPad o iMac.
Lo de la cuenta marca podría ser.


Hi Folks, I was wandering… since FB is rolling out the Facebook Creator Studio which is supposed be made for Social Media Managers and they are giving the possibility to connect multiple IG accounts to it…

Is the different IP between us and our clients relevant?

I mean, an agency which works on social media can have people in all over the world and they all can connect to Facebook Creator Studio and manage different IG accounts. Maybe not at the same time or maybe yes.

Suppose a social media agency has two social media managers…
One in Berlin and one in Paris, the client is in London.

If they all connect at the same time, I think Fb (Ig) will be good with that.

Which are your thoughts about the FB creator Studio and the connection with all this shitload which is happening right now on IG?


Actor_Contact would you recommend your mobile proxies? Thanks in Advance


If you use Facebook/Instagram tools you will be safer but I’m sure you will get a notification, google style when you login from a new location, and in regards of at the same time, well…not sure how they will handle it. I believe they will always check the admin location (the person actually using Creator). How they will react not idea yet.


Ariel, what do you recommend for this situation? I have all actions paused until recent news


hii friends i get this hard block shit too now for 2 of my account
my first account get the block on the 15.8 (get the massage to change the password) i changed the password and after it i do about 20 more follow and get the hard block antil the 22.8 (total follow for this account about 4200 for 30 days)

second account get the block this afternoon 19.8
(this account also get the massage to change the password) i changed the password and do about 20 more follow after it and get the block but this account get the block also to the 22.8 (so its 4 days las from the first account ) this account do almost the same follow for 30 days (about 4200)

now i have one more account that get the massage to change the password
i changed it but now im afraid to connect it to JARVEE
someone try to wait a few days after changing the password and then to connect the account again to JARVEE? and if its help not getting the hard block?

p.s all the accounts that get the block are AGED accounts 4 years +


It’s been more than a week or even better weeks that i havent been blocked on all my accs. Maybe like a couple out of 270+ accs.

The reason doesnt seem to be the proxy as i’ve mentioned since i’m using the SAME proxies as i did when i started out.

Factors that DO seem to matter:
-Accounts quality
-Not running more than follows on the first week(s)

Can we please stop this mobile proxy will fix it all hype? Cause it’s BS as i can prove to you.

P.S. past days i made like 30 accounts on DC’s and NONE were hit by blocks running almost 200 a day.

Also: please dont DM me, if we want to answer we will do so on the board to help others too

Edit: I get an occassional 5+ PV’s or AC sometimes. Nothing major.


What’s your proxy provider? Are you creating those accounts on web browser?


Cant tell my proxy provider as you might understand. It doesnt matter much if they are created on the app or browser


Care to share your settings?


Start from the god like settings. They are the key. While they didnt work for me they did however help me understand what could be different from what i did. Randomization is IMPORTANT


Are you still getting a lot of Account Compromised messages? What about blocks?


Can confirm that LTE proxies is not a magic pill. At this very moment I have my 7 days hard block just finished for almost 300 accounts. ALL OF THEM were on LTE proxies, high quality. So LTE proxies helped for a while (after first blocks on DC proxies), but everything went terrible after.

So you say that you’ve temporarily won this game, am I right?
How many accs do you have running something about 200 follows per day? And for how long?


I would like to hear the answers on these questions as well if it is possible.

The thing is that I’ve got almost all accs with AC messages and after - blocks…

7-days hard blocks just finished for almost 300 accs and I would like to know what shouldn’t I do to make my tests safer. It is not so easy and cheap to hold 300 accs (LTE proxies + Jv + VPS) on hold , not working…

Thank you


I’ve been for a couple of weeks in the green (or yellow when i’m too busy or lazy adding sources) with over 270+ accs , all dc’s same since i started botting. Barely changed a proxy

Dont want tojinx it :joy: i’ve added about 30 new ones that are running up to 100 or even150 on the first day without blocks. So proxy’s seem to be such a commercial hype


Hm… And almost no blocks?
So hard to believe in that, having soooo many issues with my accs…

So you say that the main thing is randomisation, right?
Problem is that I’ve got all accs action-blocked, while I was using god-like (changed by myself a bit).

Can you point me to smtng I’m missing? Or just give the right direction to think, please