Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days

Ok guys, now I have a very big problem on my personal account.
I am blocked for 7 days with liking, comments, follows and posting.

Before starting:
Botting this account by 2 years with Jarvee
Account created in 2011, always used
Never had problems or blocks (just the 6000/30)
Using without proxy but with my home WiFi (only this account on my WiFi)
Creator account
190 follows for day, 190 unfollows for day, 300 likes for day
8 hours of sleep time

What happened:
It all started last week, that I saw my personal profile not working on Jarvee.
It was liking, but not following, stucked, but for Jarvee it was “blue”, not “red”, so it was ok.

I tryed to enter in the embedded browser to check if everything was ok, I tryed to like and it worked, then I tryed to follow a person, and I got this terrible error allert:

This is the translation:
Your account has been compromised
It seems that you have shared your password with a service who helps to gain more “likes” and followers, and this is against out community guidelines.
Change your password to continue to use Instagram. If you will share your password again with one of these services, you won’t be able again to follow new users, “like” and make comments.
Change your password

As I received it, I was so scared and I immediatly changed my password, and stopped all actions for 3 days on Jarvee (the account was valid and in Jarvee BTW).

When I started, was all good, no problems, it looks ok, but today, I got up and I saw the same thing: likes was working well, but follows and unfollows were stucked (but with the blue check).
I entered in EB, tryied to put a like, and I got the block I was scared about:
I can’t like, comment, follow, and I can’t even posting for 7 DAYS
I am visible in hashtag, so I am not shadowbanned.

I have other accounts, and everything is working very well, without any kind of blocks and never received something like that.

So, now, what can I do?
Of course I need to wait till the band ends, but this is a really bad ban.
What did I do wrong in your opinion? Anyone got the same ban, and maybe knows why?
What can I do when the ban will end to start botting again?

Thank you guys, I hope that this topic will help future person who may receive the same block (of course I hope that no one will receive it…)


You can search this forum for your answers and then read.

I dind’t found anything about

Another follow block thread.

There are literally 10s of threads at this point discussing blocks of all kinds. Please read them all as the solution is in there somewhere.


Where you doing m.a.$.$ $.t.o.r.y ? (Word redacted to help with keeping it down.


Had the same situation with my main account, it was hit the hardest while it was 100% manually grown and organic, never botted plus lots of $ spent on ads and connected to fb.
I had to wait for two weeks without any actions.
(Also got PV after post)
Small tip: be sure to log out from facebook, messenger, whatsapp on your device because they are sharing data between each other in the background and it’s used nowadays for recognition and mapping of your structures.
For example, when I have my fb logged in on phone and I log in to Instagram that is about business on other side of the world it displays my friends from fb as ones who I might know.
Today, I forgot to logout from fb on my phone and I received instant PV and shadowban after logging to different that the connected to fb account.


I never used it, I started to do that like 2 days ago (scraping from another account), but never go over of 10K…

this is pretty scary :frowning:

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I’ve been asking around too. I have two leads/possible software. I’m going to test tomorrow night/thursday ill let you know bro.


I’m most interested in safe limits, there is so much difference for recommendations that I dont know who to trust! (besides my own testing)


This is an under discussed block, probably because no one really knows what caused it and what to do. But I’m surprised no one cares either. Maybe because when a client received such block they most likely walk away from the business anyways so people here don’t have experience dealing with the aftermath of this?


Yeah, I think the same thing as you, that’s why I asked to @MojoJojo (thanks again) to re-open it, because no one talks about this kind of block and because maybe this topic could be useful for someone.
I don’t have any idea of what I could do of wrong to have this ban, because I am using almost the same settings on other profiles without any problems (as a lot of you).


How are the sizes and the history of your other working accounts?

There is not a “common thing” from all my other accounts, but this one who got blocked should be the one with the hightest trust score, IMO…

The only pattern I’ve seen is everybody who got this block was on DC proxies, but you’re saying this is on your home wifi.


@vanmatte Can you please tell if you follow and unfollow at the same time?

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Yeah, this profile was on my home connection (no proxy on Jarvee), and just this account.

Nope, I don’t.
I have the followings settings:
Follow 12.00-20.00
Rest 20.00-8.00
Unfollow 7.00-12.00 of the next day

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