Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


No, I only say if you continue with that account in any automation software, not only will you lose the customer too will ruin his work


I have been hit with account compromised msg with 80% of my account. It’s gone from bad to worse!


Yes, I know what you’re going through


U have account gotten banned after you reactivate the account on automation ?
If so how many account got ban?
What type of proxy are u using?


this is my personal opinion

Only with an account of the many that had COMPROMISED I risked to leave it 48 hours off and reactivate it with very low settings (with 4g proxy of my town!)

That account was suspended for 7 days.

I no longer use Jarvee or other systems. I directly developed my own system.

For me are 2 problems:
The first is that Instagram already knows how Jarvee works. And the second is that it takes an Instagram developer literally 1 minute to enter in this forum or BHW and see what methods we use.


As far I heard what people were saying, you can put anything in it. But wonders how long it will take to get you blocked :joy:. I was just trying different options and testing with help of google.


its happening everywhere. “followliker” program here (not jarvis). bot is running in my wlan only (no proxy) and low settings (randomized 70-90 likes and 60-100 follows and unfollows - 12h sleep time)

just a warning today - pw is changed now


you got it via followliker?


yes. im using that. message came up 2h ago.
maybe instagram is checking all actions? cause the program is running and i open instagram on my phone as well and give sone likes sometimes :thinking: (in the same wlan but also on 4g when im was not in the office today)

so there will be 2 actions from 2 different clients/connections? not that hard for instagram, if they really want to block or check that


What is happening right now in my opinion is that IG is rolling up a shitload of updates but they are messing something up. For instance they rolled out the feature with which you can load images into IG directly from Facebook Creator Studio.

Fine, but 90% of users in Europe are not able to use it because Creator Studio is not synching with IG. Some kind of error line is showing when you try to connect.

They are investing a lot into Video monetization. Maybe rolling-out also into IG? Who knows.

IG is rolling out also the hidden Likes feature in Canada and Italy, maybe other places to.

Some normal users are unable to login or follow or post. IG was down during these 4 days a lot.
I think it’s not related to our settings folks. I think it’s just a problematic moment for IG it self.


That’s something we all wish, but you and I know is not true. Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


7 days
change password
7 days.

Re commanded to not continue automation after 7 days block at least not in current implementation.


Something weird I’ve found with the 7 day block.

If you reset the password AFTER the 7 day block then you can now post but with no caption (in both the app and browser). You can’t add a caption either (you can tag people in the post and tag a geolocation). You still can’t like, follow, comment or unfollow in the app, BUT you can like, follow, comment and unfollow in the browser.

I tried changing password a third time, but no improvement on the above.


EDIT: I’m coming up on 24 hours since I changed the password AFTER 7 day block and will try and post with caption after that. Maybe it’s a 24 hour post/caption block.

UPDATE: After 24 hours, no change. Can still post but no captions. Tried changing password again, no change.


Have you had someone banned after getting a compromised message?


stops all interactions for 7 days


anybody got a 5 day block? My client got a 5 day block till 14th. So is this a new block or something?


Yes, some of my clients recive this block. Can’t do anything since 15th. Try to find a solution… but it’s very hard since they can’t do nothing


dont know what ig is doing 5-6-7 days block? there are so many variations


Well… 7 days block, then 4 days of normal automation with Jarvee, 150 Follows per day, less than 200 likes, and now a new 7 days block. I’m pretty sure that cannot be the number of actions, IG somehow is detecting Jarvee.

Setup: 2 accounts in Jarvee, Win7 at home. No proxy. One phone with the 2 accounts in the app. (mostly use at home and in the street with 4G/LTE)

Any Ideas? is Jarvee really compromised? what do you advice?


I have had this problem for multiple weeks, I have tried to do activity on the EB manually after the 7 day block and I am still blocked as well. Not sure if changing the proxies will effect the process of detecting our accounts.