Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


How many accounts are you running?

Based on this information I assume you haven’t used any proxies nor have tried with other fresh proxies for this account only to test? Just to rule out any flag of you residential IP.

Also the fact that you state this is the only account running on your home ip and all other accounts are running normally


I agree, I feel that THIS type of block should be its own thread, as this is something a bit more serious, so lets hope people can keep this thread related to this type of block ONLY.

With that being said, are you growing any other accounts on your home IP? You said that you would follow one day and one the next. As this can be good, it might be a little too automated as youre just going back and forth. How many stories were you viewing per day? Always remember to keep it as random and humanly as possible.


Also, are you ONLY using J? Or are you using any other services with your account? When was the last time you changed your password before all of this started happening? You could have maybe logged into another app, months ago, and now that app has been making your account perform actions without you knowing?

I manage client accounts, and knock on wood thank God, no one has gotten that message as before i sign them on I make it clear to ONLY use my service and to also change their password and supply me with the new one.

After you received the block, did you warm up the account very slowly? Or go back to the old settings and go right away?


This kind of block appears also on accounts never connected to any third party app.


any proof of this ?


I have around 30 accounts, and just mine has got problems lol

I tryed like a year ago, but it’s an year that I am using my home IP.


Yeah, I think the same too, that’s why I asked to re-open it again.
This thread can help other people too

I am running just my personal account on my home IP.
I started to view stories like 3 days ago, but I received the first alert of using a bot a week ago, so before starting to using stories

Just Jarvee

I changed password a lot of times ahahah, I change it like once a month, so it can be that

Warm up, but to be honest not so slowly, and I started to use the story view tool too to keep it more natural


What does it mean? Can you explain it better? Thanks!


I have accounts that were grown without connecting them to any apps and all actions were done manually through the mobile app, those accounts had the most severe blocks in comparison to others.


I’d use a proxy, and that’s a hell of a lot of likes per day lol.


Are 300 likes a lot for you? Just to understand ahahah, it doesn’t look like a lot in my opinion…


This block seems to precisely target personal/influencer account regardless of automation as long as they see too many actions. Never have I heard any slave account getting hot by it.

  1. The alert regarding changing the password means that you either changed the mobile device/proxy or IG found out that you are using automation.

  2. Nothing to be scared about - you need simply to change the password.

What I recommend to do is: change device ID, buy good proxy for this account and restart everything from the very beginning.

Almost sure, that issue will be solved after these steps.


I got hit with three blocks all within an hour of each other. Two 24 hour like blocks on accounts doing less than 200 likes/day. One on residential ip and one on 4g. The message said something like “this action has been blocked until 7/17/2019 at xx:xx due to previous actions on this account” which is a message I’ve never seen before. The other was a follow block on an account I’ve been keeping varying between 60-120 follows/day and have on a residential proxy.

The three simultaneous blocks on three seasoned unrelated accounts makes me wonder what other filter Instagram has that’s triggering these.

I feel like I’m very careful having residential IPs local to the client, having them only post during certain times when jarvee isnt active on their account and only doing so with their wifi turned off. The one on a 4g never accesses the account themselves.

I’ve recently seen two messages from instagram saying they track how accounts scroll and where the user’s finger taps in order to recognize bots.

I’m feeling like that’s having more to do with this because I think it’s very likely that their technology is good enough to recognize accounts that are moving through the app in unnatural ways.


Maybe its because he is using residental IP all the time and doing actions from API, not using phone internet at all, no one using instagram only with wifi on, I guess…


I changed the password a week ago when the first alert come out, but then yesterday they blocked me to do every kind of action for a week.

Changed the device ID a week ago, when the first alert come out… didn’t tryed to use a proxy btw.


We are talking about another kind of block, the hard action block (likes, comments, follows, POSTING block) for 7 days. Read the name of the topic, please.


It’s a static residential home IP, based where I live, do you think that it could be the problem?


I get that the block is different. My point is that I think there are more contributing factors to the blocks now than just proxies and number of actions, and that applies to all blocks.

I shared those blocks to point out that something caused Instagram to take action on 3 accounts, that are playing very safe with good proxies, almost simultaneously and I don’t think that better proxies or whether you like when you follow or not is going to be our solution for long. I think the fact that you got something as harsh as this hard action block without doing anything crazy just shows that there’s more to it.

The people at Instagram obviously know about Jarvee and all of the different types of software/apps we all use. I also think it’s very likely that they’ve tested all of them out to see how they browse through the app and execute actions to find distinct differences between the bots and manual action. FB’s AI is smart enough to look for more than just how many people you follow in a day and what IP is being used.

I’m also guessing that somebody there is on here every day reading all of the solutions that are posted.

We’re never going to outsmart FB’s AI technology, so I think we just need to explore more ways to fly under the radar.


You’re very right. BTW 7 day blocks were received by people who perform actions manually too.