Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


So what do you suggest to do? To re-login on Jarvee but to don’t do any kind of actions for these days?

[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)

I’ve also received this hard action block. Says it will be lifted on the 7/23.

I thought I was running fairly conservative settings. Received the warning about a week ago. Changed my password and immediately relogged in my Jarvee. A few days later, received this hard block.

A couple things to note. About 1-2 weeks ago I turned on my like exchange tool, which immediately increased the amount of likes per posts. Also, a couple days before the warning, I restarted the unfollow tool. I had it turned off for a couple weeks.

I use Jarvee on a laptop with just 1 personal business Instagram account on my home’s wifi. I post via my phone using my phone provider’s data or work wifi.

I’d like to restart automation once the block is over, as it’s been crucial for my tiny business’ growth, but I’m obviously paranoid now. Anyone else with this type of block?


Me ahahah, and I got the same things.
An alert a week before, and then the hard block.

How many likes was you doing for day?
How many follows?


I’ll have to double check when I get home, but I think about 250-350 likes and under 200 follows.

When I turned on my unfollow, it was set at 300-350. And I kept the default settings on the like exchange when I turned it on.

I’m a complete noob


I just got this today, so I’m in the same boat as @vanmatte it won’t work in Jarvee, embedded browser Jarvee, mobile phone, computer browser, and incognito browser (lol, I was desperate and trying everything). So now I’m just going to sit and wait this one out patiently, but I’ll keep watching this thread. I was using Jarvee, but also using engagement pods for likes and comments, so perhaps the combination of both set this off. My instagram account is 2 years old.


Same as me, it’s a general block, you can’t do anything, just wait…
What was you doing (how many follows, likes, proxy, ecc), just to find a pattern


Can confirm that a client got this block today. She got the “Compromised Account” pop up. She changed her password, tried to post after and was hit with a 7-day block.

I had a few people get the compromised account pop up but they just changed their password and that was it.


i get the same massage because i do a massive use on the like exchanger
but the block over after 1 day
my friend get the same block like you for about 7 days but now its all running good and he start using jarvee agine on the account :sunglasses:


recommend switching to 4g once account gets unblocked by following @TrAff1Monster example.


Had this block for the last week. Expires tomorrow. Will take it easy after a day or 2, then will restart Jarvee with very conservative settings. Will not use like exchange and will not F/UF at the same time. Fingers crossed


A client of ours received this 7 day block today as well.

She was on a 4G HC proxy that wasn’t working so we moved her to another 4G proxy seller on the board. We shut her actions off, switched her over and waited. Started back up about 6 hours later and she just messaged us to let me know that she tried to do a like and got the ban.


I can’t understand if there is a pattern, something similiar that cause it, or not…


Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I also got a hard block (7 days) and am nervous about starting Jarvee back up again.

Switched from DC to residential proxy and turned off EB actions since I got the hard block after a login loop with EB.


I just getted unblocked from the 7 days total ban.
I let my profile rest for 3 days more, and today started to follow people again:
After 12 follows, I got the notice telling me that my account has been compromised again.

This is the notice I received again:


What do you plan to do?


I need to be honest: I have no idea right now, and I am scared about this profile.
It means that Instagram knows about Jarvee, and that Jarvee is not that sure anymore…

The only think I have in my mind is to change proxy (working on it) and to try to perform only from the embedded browser.

Anyone with some ideas?


You need to let it rest for a lot more than 3 days. Try a few weeks to a month.

Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint.


Same here. Got 2 accounts hard block, even from posting for 7 days.
The only thing that they got in common, is the force change password notification…
I got 2 of my clients being hit with the password force change notification, and I’m super scared they will get hard block soon…


Yeah the two I got hit with the 7 day block both got the password change pop up first. A third account just got the password change pop up. Scared to put it back on automation. Going to wait a bit.


Has anyone been hit the the Force Password Change, and still not being hit with the 7 days block, after more than a week ?

Could be super interesting !