Hard blocks and EB or API?

I am having a LOT of hard blocks since 2 days. Might have something to do with the scrape issues.

However, what are your experiences with hard blocks for EB or API?

Because I am running all accounts on EB and transferred a few accounts to API, but one of the transferred accounts is also already hit with hard block today.

  • Noticing more hard blocks for API
  • Noticing more hard blocks for EB

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does anyone at least know what is a cause of 7 day hard block?

does even anyone know what cause a simple AB because i’m using eb and still get blocked 30-40 follow


I’m getting 24 hour hard block not matter what setup. With EB or with API. With scrapers or not.

This is not a difficult answer, it is a long one!!

You can find the reasons here:

  • IP --> IG tracks the actions performed by each IP, cross the limit and you get 7 days. (Is this IP used by more users? how many accounts? how many users? etc etc.
  • Location -> This is tricky, IG tracks your location and if it changes from action to action you get 7 days
  • Device --> IG tracks the device where you are performing the actions, if for some reason 2 devices perform an action at the same time you get 7 days. (Device is not only a real phone, also a browser or any software doing the emulation of them)
  • Actions --> IG track the number of actions and type, this is the most controversial, as different limits are used for different accounts. Also each type of action has its own limit, again link to the account. Cross the limits and you get 7 days.
  • Proxy --> I left this one for the last because there are a lot of wrong info out there, when you use a proxy, you have at a given time one IP, so the limits are still there. Most of the proxies can be detected so you are also sending the signal to IG “Hey I’m trying to hide”, so they will just mark you as suspicius activity account. Can you get 7 days for it? absolutely!

This was just a simple list, I’m sure I left out many things.


I got it twice.
Both was from UNFOLLOW massive at the client phone.

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I’m having the same issue. Got the “account compromised” notification, even though I don’t use any automated service for likes or follows. I do a lot of likes though, mainly though Telegram pods. I changed password and updated the app, and now I received a block: cannot like, comment, follow or use hashtags, but I can still send direct messages and post stories and pictures. Any ideas on what could have caused it? Thanks

i get hard block also manually on the phone.

I was doing great with the follows. I was managing to follow around 100 daily. Also commenting and DM is working… All with api emulation.

I’m currently waiting to get back online to see if 4 days of resting will help me up to 200 followings a day.

Patiently waiting… :crossed_fingers:

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Great job.
You run full api emulation with old accounts or new accounts?
Did you go slowly to 100 daily?

Both old and new together over 200 accounts.

It was more split around the morning then evening as I would turn the tool off around the afternoon.

It seems to work.

i have got hard blocks on around 15 of my own accounts. both eb and api.


Got a lot of 7 day hard blocks as well till the 19-20

When you are talking about hard blocks, mean that the user can do any action right? Because I can do everything but I can’t follow, this is during for 4 days, the message that appears doesn’t tell the day that the follow block will expire, I don’t now how many days I need to wait… I still do posts, likes and so on… This situation happens when the follow list had disappeared from the API and I did some follows with the browser… After 15 follow I got the message… Is anyone in the same situation?

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hardblock is when you can only

  • upload stories
  • upload photos (wall posts) without captions

Thanks, but it is normal the warning doesn’t tell you the block expiration? How many days should I wait?

If a tool says "Hard Block detected until … " you can be pretty sure its a hard block

Yes this seems to be new.
Random follow blocks some with expiration date and some without date.
But other tools at not affected. Unfollow, like, comment and posting is still possible.
I got the same on multiple clients a few days ago

Now I was doing mainly api. I experience new hardblocks too on many of my accounts today!

How many days ago?