Has anyone experimented with using Meetup.com for finding prospects and lead generation?

Meetup seems to be an untapped potential source of targeted prospects and leads. It’s quite easy to view groups, see lists of members, and message them. Has anyone tried using this to start conversations with leads?

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This is an interesting idea. :slight_smile: What would be the steps for reaching out to some of the members? What’s happening in these groups, some conversations?


I still haven’t but it looks interesting. Hopefully, we’ll get some important insights from other members.


Well as far as I can see it follows the same sort of format as Facebook groups. You can click on any group and then all the members are easily accessed. Here’s one group for instance: https://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Nonprofit-Technology-Meetup/members

(We were looking up non profits in San Diego for a client)

You could easily message all of the members of a group directly, but as far as I know would have to do it manually unless we could find a way to automate it :slight_smile:

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A quick search on Meetup Automation turned up this: https://gpzweb.com/downloads/meetup-automation-tools-collect-data-and-automate-messages/

Would be interesting to play around a bit and see what we can do! Seems like a good untapped opportunity.


GitHub also had one as when I saw it,Dont know if it still exists.

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Now, this is something creative I’ve never thought of before!

Bravo, I like the concept!