Has anyone got banned from f/uf? Not blocked*

Hey guys has anyone here had bans happen from f/uf? Minus brand new accounts!

Clients are scared they may get banned. I’ve had 200+ clients and haven’t so far.

With this new follow block wave, has anyone had this experience?

Do you think they will start banning or what are the big reasons why accounts get banned?


3 aged good accounts got banned for 200F yesterday, they been working good for months…/

Give us some more info. What type of accounts?

Any kind of accounts that do follow/unfollow

From only 200F? Any reason why you can think of and were you running more than 3?

There has to be more to it. Nightmode? How big were your gaps in between actions? A lot of space in between every action?

jarvee ivp4 200F, 200UN, 30DMS
dont know why they fucked up, the ipv4 I use is pretty good

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Are you doing exactly 200 follows a day? Always range it from like 126-197 or something
super random. If youre hitting around the same numbers a day, that can raise a red flag. Remember, BE HUMAN

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there is more to the story than just f/u I think. NO account has ever been banned for following. if this was the case, every account would of been banned.


Take a look here

that doesn’t really say nothing.
are they on dc or mobile?
did they post at the same time?
links in bios?
was the post reported?
can you show me the verbage IG used telling you why u are banned?
spam account?

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5acc banned everyday. new account. follow 180/day

what I am trying to say is ‘’ ‘show us proof it was for f/u’ –

they dont post at all, only posted when created 6 images on each account
no links on bio
posts havent been reported
how can i show the vebage of IG used? ( i got jarvee)
Do you suggest to ues the story viewe on IPV4 to make the account more real?

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Even when it’s the case you can unban accounts, especially client accounts.

Don’t worry, the game goes on.

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my first thought was are you sending DM/s without posting?
that right there – is a huge, huge flag.

accounts have posts already, do I need to make them post more?
is posing on IPV4 is ok?
How often should I post?

at least once in awhile. Spam detection will see ya following but no other activity. You did not reply back if you send dm’s or not.

I do send dms
you can take a look here: http://prntscr.com/o2frdo

I do something very smart

  1. all who message me( that I didnt message them including pending) - I replay them, "thanks bla bla wanna see more? check this account XYZ
  2. All new followers get message like “thanks for following how are you today?”
    If they replay they get something like that " thank you, hope you love my content, wanna see more? check this account"

I got great spintax, very high score in http://sp1n.me/index.html , over 1000%

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thought so. unban them, take one account of those banned and post once in awhile. this will be your test account.

unbanning – search and you will find how.
remember my first guess?

well, try something different.