Has anyone had success in recovering their disabled Instagram account?

I sent you a PM.You can PM me with more info or reply to the message I sent. :slight_smile:

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Yes it still works.

Yes, the appeal bot still “works” but Recap is currently shut down for re-assessment as I’m moving the appeal service to another domain, probably under a different brand name, due to quitting the other partners.

Also, I’m currently re-working on a sophisticated appeal process to deliver better unbans, which will also be more transparent and will deliver to the customer everything that’s happening in the background. Will be releasing a beta soon, Stay tuned!


Sounds good! With the new beta willl it come with free slots like the previous one? If so count me in! :smile:

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@Thandir Yep it will.

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Yay hahah. You getting me excited now :joy: And am I eligible for the free beta? Or do I need to be level 2 or something?

We got back 3 of our client’s account before 4 months ago. I guess we can get back any account.

Anyone will be able to do so. Also, if you’re an former Recap customer, you will have a little extra :wink:


Yay great news! Very excited, I will definitely participate and provide any feedback required! Do you maybe have an estimated time for the beta? Because I wanna put my name down as soon as possible before space fills up very quickly. XD

@Thandir I am not completely sure when and how, but everyone will get a piece of the cake when the beta will start!


No worries sounds great! Definitely excited. :smile:

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looking foward…it would be great if you had a foto bank to writ that code they request on a picture…

hi can you help me with my account

@ArthurAxton Maybe add paypal payment method?

@Digisoft01 @Janvi_Jain

I don’t think he will add any more

This gentleman is banned from this community. Please lookup his profile summary.

@Janvi_Jain @Digisoft01 @schoko

He separated himself from the service before he was banned so you can still use the service as it is still being run by its other founders. I recommend you directly send suggestions to them directly, @HenryCooper will be able to assist you with this aswell.

I had recovered my 3 disabled account in past those were all more tha100k. They did not replied on my less than 100K ones. That was something strange. But at the same time i was happy that they atleast gave something back. (Those were Babes accounts :stuck_out_tongue: )


Great news! Out of curiosity… How long have you been appealing for? And how long ago were your accounts disabled for? & What were they banned for?


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This happened almost one year back.
They were disabled for nudity (not fully nude).
I had many paged disabled 2 of them had more than 100k followers 1 had 148k and other one had 180k.
I requested many times through various links.
They simply asked for a code on a paper on my hand but they never activated my account. I tried more than 20 times.
After 2 two months i was browsing Instagram normally i have found that 1 page is restored automatically.
I simply logged in successfully.
Then i followed steps for my page which was less than 100k but nothing happened.
After that i remembered about 148k one. Once again i have performed all the steps like sending them request after that they sent me the code like usually i sent them code but after few minutes page was activated. Then i tried many times for my other pages which were less than 100k but they never responded nor activated any of them.