Has anyone recieved an engagement drop


Before I start this, yes I have used the search feature.

I used to have good engagement but then all of a sudden my engagement rate dropped from like 30%+ to less than 10% Does anyone know why my reach is being limited and is there a way for it to be fixed? To give context the account is a memes niche account and never used hashtags(except for one time)


How many followers does it have?


If this has happened in the last couple of days it’s happened to me too. I think they have changed something with hashtags or definitely something to do with engagement.


this was has 2k. All I’m doing on it is posting


Could be that, because of botting or some other cause, your reach got lowered. Less people will see your posts in hashtags (obviously), but also in their feed!


From sources online, I’ve read that lots of users experienced drops in their engagement following that mid-March IG crash.


Happened to another one of my accounts at that time too


After Instagram updates expect a drop and spring break too


Do you think that the engagement will rise? I mean, do you think it will take some time but the engagement will come back like before? I suffered a drop of about 50% this week … (I do not use automations or other tricks, I only use an IG partner service to post therefore nothing that goes against their terms)


Already started for me. Up .50 across the board


I was asking about this in this thread: What do you do when a client's engagement drops?

The people who responded blamed it on ‘Spring Break’ for the most part, which I find hard to believe, but hey, learn something new everyday.

I really wonder if botting lowers reach…


I would say - with a good setup not .
But to answer the question:
- What’s a good setup?
Is one of the reasons this forum exists


Is there a link to “a good setup” that you can point me in the direction of?