Has Jarvee tool for Tiktok worked yet?

I can’t log in Tiktok acc on Jarvee?
It’s so sad

Jarvee developers are still working on TikTok to fix it after the changes that happened on their API.

what is the status of the account? what do you mean by you can’t log in? did you try from the embedded browser?

Not yet. The devs say they will focus on making the tools work on the embedded browser, then they will start investigating the API.

I can’t log in Tiktok acc on Jarvee?

Follow these steps to make your account valid:

i hope they fix it soon, might be the right time to jump on the tiktok ship…i wonder when the platform will be mature with people able to spend money on it (not teens) and how long will it last.

I don’t think they will allow that kind of a change, it will not be like IG, Fb, and other platforms I think they want to keep it for teenagers, IG and FB for the rest.

Jarvee tiktok reposted randomly 5 posts on my account some days ago, after months doing nothing

do you mean that they have fixed the Repost tool? you don’t have any issues using the repost now?

Which Repost tool source option are you using? I saw there’s a fix for post publishing last month, but I still haven’t tested it out yet because I got a login issue on my account.


By hashtag search and from specific users

Can you mention the bot? and does it have a posting feature?

Yes, it does. Posting, following, liking, commenting, scraping users from targets/hashtags and no, I won’t make it public :slight_smile:

which one?

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