Hashtag shadowban problem


Hey guys, something strange is happening with my posts when i use hashtags and i can’t solve it. I am using 30 hashtags per post, there are no banned ones, I am posting only once a day and my posts are getting shadowbanned… I am using a pool of 50 hashtags and randomize 30 of them everytime i post, is it because the hashtag pool is too small? Usually posts aren’t shadowbanned right after i post, but few hours after that… My account is new i have 7 posts, if that matters.
I am reposting content, but not using repost tool, i change md5hash and name of photos.
I saw that my competition is using also 30 hashtags every post, similar to every post, only 5-6 of them are different out of 30, but they do not get shadowbans…

All kind of help and opinions are appreciated, thank you very much!


@Wannsong How do you know that you are shadow banned? Maybe quality / virality of the post is a big factor. Not every pic gets the same results.


There’s a site to check, if you are getting hashtag shadowban (don’t know, if i it’s against the rules to mention the site). When I check my competition on this site all of their posts are okay, but mine are getting shadowbanned few hours after uploading… I have only 1 post which didn’t get it and it went way more viral than others.


@Wannsong can you please DM me the site?


Please PM me the site also thanks


those sites are fake most of the time


sites can’t tell if shadow banned – no software is that sophisticated to even come close. btw – EVERY shadowban site on the web is fake.


What @Alexnvo said!

Don’t trust a site with something that is not even proven to exist in the first place.

Or just go to www.MojoJojoSaidYouAreNotShadowbanned.biz :slight_smile:


to find out read – please


Thank you very much! Sorry for my incompetence!


@Wannsong No need to be sorry. We are all learning. And if nobody ask… he will not learn and others also will not get new perspectives.


May you please pm me what you use to randomize your hashtags each time? Would be a great help!


I use hashtagshuffle for this purpose.