Have anyone heard about Instagram Mastery?

I searched in the forum but no answer to my question which is: is INSTAGRAM MASTERY 3.0 course still worth it to buy in 2020?

I mean, about the change of the algor. and all the shit load which happened in summer?


Not worth it 1k$ in my opinion.

Good for beginners but you can find those informations online on this forum. (Ofc a course will shorten this time).

Probably the best course I have seen online with real value tho, some just make 20 videos and just sell it and I believe that in IG Mastery there are +100 videos

THanks. I’m looking for something which can teach me how to grow followers again since automation is almost dead, at least for me…i quit after a lot of frustration with my clients.

If there is any you can suggest, it’d be nice thanks.

P.s. Are the techniques in IG Mastery still about automation? I mean, are they updated to the post 2019 shitload? I was not able to recover from that situation.

The best course I’ve seen as an outsider has been instagrizzle masterclass by David Talas. (I’m not a client)

The content of the course seem very good and focused on content creation. He has worked with the designer Chris Do - which I respect.


Do u think it’s a course with valuable content for IG growing also after what happened to automation?

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I think so… if there’s a course out there that focuses on content, I’d take that over an automation course any day.

Automation changes and adapts too fast, hence those courses tend to go obsolete quickly.

Just my 2 cents

All those courses are offering you basic info, you’re just throwing away money.
We made free course that covers almost everything related to Instagram marketing:

Instagram Authority course by Jarvee

It’s completely free. Check it out, nothing to lose.


+1 for Instagram Authority!


Hey @Isedo :slight_smile:
honestly, there is no updated automation course out there, it keeps changing on a daily/weekly base so I don’t think it’s worth to purchase any course like that, only if the guy/girl actually update that every day :slight_smile:

I learned a lot from Jarvee course, go for it :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: glad you like it!

So that’s where you find inspiration and tricks for all those videos Doctor Jarvee :smiley:


Courses on automation are all the same, there’s no secret sauce and if there is, it isn’t public.

I wrote that a while ago, but I think that the jarvee thing is likely much better and updated to current automation standards.


Thank you for the inquiry, and thank @tripleyourtribe for the kind recommendation. My course does not teach anything about automation. Actually, I have lessons that say: Don’t follow/unfollow, and Don’t do auto DM/auto comment. Those things are good shortcuts in the short run, but to win in the long run, you need to figure out how to make content that performs well and attracts an audience for your business. That’s what my course is about. I hope you consider it to boost your career. I know it’s not cheap, I discounted it for the current situation, to make it less impactful on the wallets. I’m not sure if I can put in links here, but if you go to my Instagram @davetalas, you will always find the most updated link in my bio.


Hi David, thanks for your course. May I ask if it’s more focused on HOW TO create the content or it’s focused on strategy and Growth? I know the tools and how to produce content already.

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I used Jarvee for one year and I had great results, after the shit load I did not figured out how to keep growing even with good content. Blocks after blocks…it was very frustrating to deal with clients to because of these blocks.

Is this course updated? Is automation still a part of the process? I mean, does it work like it used one year ago or it’s gone?

Is anyone having results?


The course is not only about automation, it’s about Instagram marketing in general, automation is just one part of it.

Regarding Jarvee and how to use it with latest functions to avoid blocks, check this thread by @Adi_Ankonina:


Guilty! haha I love your course you get into the small details and teaching that no ones else ever done, also by the end of the course @Isedo you will get your degree like this - https://www.screencast.com/t/0rYMLFF1vQtc
very very cool!


It has many modules, the course covers both content creation and growth strategy as well. There are also modules about mindset, finding your audience (figuring out who they are), establishing your expertise in a marketplace, using analytics to optimize your content, reviving your account if its dead, hashtag strategy, how to get shoutouts and a few other things. If you sign up, you also get added to my FB alumni group, where you can ask for guidance, and on Teachable you can leave comments (sometimes you have to because of the exercises), and I’ll answer there as well. I hope this answer helps you make a more educated decision, whether to sign up, or not.


hello , thanks for your course , and thanks to jarvee and Adi :+1:

I only found out who you were 2 minutes ago, checked your IG account, and I’ve bookmarked it straight away - nice!