🤖 The party will never end! Jarvee for IG settings April 2020

Hello to the MP social people!
I made a new video explain about my follow & unfollow settings for all the people that struggling with Jarvee for IG and wants to get some recommendations.

A few important notes:

  • I’m using the EB only + scrapers + 4G proxies on all of my client’s accounts, scrapes accounts I run on the cheap IPV6 proxies
  • I always ask from my clients to not perform any follow/unfollow/likes actions, only DM+ comment on their posts and story views allowed
    *I always changing my settings and testing new things, for example - https://www.screencast.com/t/A1wxCviDqv
    *I like the new contextual features!
    *If your settings are working well and you get some great results - don’t change it!

hope it will help you and stay safe :slight_smile:


Nice work Adi. Thanks for sharing!

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I’m looking to hire someone to grow accounts on IG, any chance you could PM me?

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I’m using API but I think EB and contextual features work better on my accounts, so I will switch back to EB. Thanks for sharing!

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Nice of you to share :grinning::heart_eyes:

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Great, that’s exactly what I needed. Thanks for such detailed explanations! :smiley:

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I set it up exactly like the video but got blocked (only on the EB not on the phone) after few hours, what can I do?

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thank you Adnan!

Hey there :slight_smile: remember that if it’s working well with no blocks- no need to change, some people works on the API and it goes well, for me only the EB

thank you :slight_smile:

Sure do, will send you a PM now



Hey there :slight_smile: after how many actions did you hit the block? did you tried that only on your own account?

Hey Adi and the DM’s do you still doing it ? How can you send DM’s with “only eb” turnned on. Thank you

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Thanks for the guidance Adi!

I’m still getting blocks with contextual follows. So far I’m scraping with the account itself as few people said it wouldn’t make a difference. I think I will try it with scrapers again because I get blocks with various settings.

Or maybe I’m missing something else…

Also a big question: How do you optimize follow back ratio with the use of scrapers? Or do you just ignore fbr and focus on user filters?

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Really few actions I think 10/15

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Hey there :slight_smile:
I do have some issues with that so I would say 50 50, some accounts it’s working preety good - https://www.screencast.com/t/PZP2MVYg
some of them getting blocked every dew days, tring to fix it atm.
and yes you can send dm’s to your new followers when you use the EB only no problem with that

Hey Roy! thank you,

I don’t see many blocks atm when I’m using the EB only on the main account + contextual, you should test it out :slight_smile:

I see ok, try to give your account 24 hours off and then do the religion and change your settings to 10-20 per day, I also posted here some blocks guide -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-XAq1eWbqA

You’re absolutely right. I switched to API only after Jarvee made the contextual option work for API. Just thought I should try it. :grinning:

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Thanks !!! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Adi for sharing !!! i do love the contextual actions as well

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can someone provide a summary of the video?

Sure thing my lazy friend.

  1. Run contextuals / EB
  2. Use scrapers

I didn’t watch the video but this is all you really need to know.


Thanks for the video. I have watched it!
which proxies you’ve used/ which provider? I didn’t notice this information in the video.

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There’s couple of 4g providers on #public-marketplace check them out. Ask for test, most of them offers it.

@PierreDOlain explained it :smiley: that’s a short version, for more details watch the video or check this thread: