Have you ever wondered how you're affecting the people you unfollow?

It’s true, for most of use it doesn’t mean anything, most of you follow and unfollow thousands of people each day. But there are people out there that take this stuff more serious, check out this one :slight_smile:


:smiley: feel free to add your own beneath if you have anything good. Don’t be mean, share it with us!


How about after unfollowing them they get thrown into a Blacklist of some sort and never followed again. Like common… I too would be annoyed if someone keeps following me… unfollowing me than unfollows me.

that already happens, you can find that list in the social profiles, click on a profile and there’s an ignore tab there. Though this was supposed to be a fun thread, not a feature request one :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: I doubt the above person was followed and unfollowed more than once

This is actually killing me inside

Not to ignore your point, @Johnny but I made a request about not unfollowing those that have commented on or liked your pictures
Can be useful for our conscience


That person get so mad :stuck_out_tongue:

If that surprise you, you’ve so much to learn :slight_smile:

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How do they even see when you unfollow?Do you get a notification when someone unfollows you?Does he check every day and notes down all his followers…

fortunately they don’t, no notifications are sent when you unfollow, I think it would get really crazy if they did that :D. He’s probably using some app to track for them…

might not be that simple but all requests are added to a list and then we decide which one to do first :slight_smile:

I like that idea, something like a ‘friendly radar’ keeping those who aren’t total ghosts connected to you somehow.

And yeah, I do feel bad sometimes, probably more often then I should, but I’m an emotional crybaby so take that as you will. Actually I kind of feel bad for liking things in my feed and of my followers, because they assume I’m really into their content if they keep getting my likes.

Some guy emailed me, someone I would never want to associate with, and the message was totally inappropriate and not what you’d send to someone in a business sense, so he clearly thought that my likes (and automated follow) were genuine enough that it was worth telling me how much he wanted to uhhh, you get the point.

It’s a big social experiment to me, but it could have some real consequences as these are more often than not, real people who also get emotional about losing/gaining/getting likes, and not just bots racking up numbers.


Just reply “IG gave me a warning that i followed too many people.”

“If you donate to me …(gives pp account), I might be able to create more accs and have more people follow you”



have also ask this option months ago at the support team… :slight_smile:

:joy: I should give this one a try lol


Hahahah! Looks like im not the only one with hate mail for un-following!

Great topic @Johnny

We should make one called “Have you ever wondered how you’re affecting the people you follow?”. I have had so many people reply on my accounts with high followers saying “OMG Than you so much for following me! I feel so special”, or you get the guy who says “Why on earth are you following someone like me?” hahaha.


Hahaha, that’s good too, post one or two next time you get them :smiley:


Poor special snowflake.:smiley:

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I must admit i got a little butthurt when I first got unfollowed and realised it. Now I unfollow thousands a week without a conscious


Unfollowed this guy months ago…


Some people are just too sensitive. They will soon learn

LMAO! “do you talk like this to all of your unfollowers?” That’s hilarious.

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I’ve been told to say ‘Blame my VA’ before which I thought was a good one but I’d love to hear some more responses!

Following people is more visible to them so they will more probably send you a message. :smiley:
For example I received this one:

I will find you you fucking cut devil looking shit. Do you know who the fuck you are fucking with you piece of shit. Just watch I got something for you. You think I am joking but you obviously do not know who I work for and what I do. You are a dead mother fucker.

That guy must have serious problems.
Same guy:

I hope you are in Europe. Interpol is going to love a piece of shit like you.

Just because I followed him… :smiley: