Heads Up on accepting PayPal for social media services

Hello everyone,

Just ran into this and I thought it’s worth to link it here as a heads up for the guys in the same business and also taking PayPal:


I thought it’s relevant since I also had a PayPal account locked down a couple of weeks ago which was used for accepting payments for social services (nothing even greyhat only SMM and PCC work)

So keep your guard up and options open


Well rip recurring payments

Time to manually send invoices now :frowning:

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I smell bullshit

Here is a silly question but what happens if you have funds on your paypal and do decide to close it down?

Per the PayPal User Agreement:

You may close your Account at any time by logging in to your Account, clicking on the “Profile” tab, clicking on the “Close Account” link, and then following the instructions. Upon Account closure, PayPal will cancel any pending transactions and you will forfeit any Balances associated with Redemption Codes, unless otherwise legally prohibited. You must withdraw your Balance prior to closing your Account.

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too many disputes, bad rep, bend their rules - they`ll pull the plug!

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I use Square and Stripe for around 20% of my recurring clients. The rest are with Payal.

Plus, Square deposits the cash within 24 hours into my bank account.
Stripe takes a bit longer.

I wouldnt mind switching over to them 100%.


At least this could give me an excuse not to use PayPal.

Thanks for the info.

Is Square aware of your business model? Are they down 100% with handling payments for this kind of services?

He had a call…Sure…

Paypal doing this has the same change that a beautifull Swedish girl wants to date me…Not.


Welp it just takes a call to PayPal to get the answer… I’m on hold rn with PayPal for an estimated 50-75 minutes. I’ll let everyone know what they say.


@ErikL I really appreciate you doing that for the community. Thank you!


@envisioned.agi Im not aware that they are against any type of service in particular…

Where would i dig to find out? And what keywords would you suggest looking up?

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invoices can be done auto now… instead of the recurring auto pay


Update from BHW OP:

Just talked with my rep, several questions and answers below:

Is this for everyone or specific to me?
It was apparently decided recently that they would no longer accept payments for this line of work. Their reviews department slowly has been coming across accounts that sell these services and has been suspending them as they find them. I’m guessing because I have a rep, I was informed, but had I not it probably would have been an immediate ban out of left field.

Why is there no official news, release, change of terms?
She was not sure, she told me she would ask if and when they were going to do this. However, like the above answer, this is apparently not that new and they’ve been banning people as they find them for weeks/months now.

Can I change my business model, remove certain services etc. to comply with what they want.
I have to email AUP (will be doing that after this post).

This apparently is nothing new and she doesn’t know anything she just received the email from higher ups and I have to now take things up with them. Don’t panic yet if you sell these services, it sounds like they slowly are taking people out as its brought to their attention and its possible that a certain Social Media company is bringing it to their attention. Probably only to high volume sellers and anyone with smaller volume should hopefully be fine.

PS. Interestingly enough, I just recently started selling FB and Instagram services and they are notorious for throwing a fit when people sell SMM services for their websites. Its entirely possible that I was reviewed before and they were fine with my business practices but on a re-review they have found that I sell those now and that was the issue. ’

I get the feeling it’s for BIG VOLUME players and also people who sell panel services such as likes/views/comments rather than most of us here offering ‘management’ services. Not sure though, will wait on @ErikL 's update


Yeah but before customers would just get auto charged, now their given a second chance to re-make the renewal decision :cry:

sure…its just a moron from bhw thats wants some attention…

first we all be banned in 48 hours, now this explanation…


Wow, after being on hold for over an hour and was finally in the process of getting transferred to a real person, they hung up on me. On hold again for another hour… The joys of PayPal are endless.


I don’t believe this at all lol. Why do people listen to anyone on BHW? Paypal loses money on this. They wouldn’t willingly toss money out the window.


I was hoping you went through an approval process with them and they gave you/or requested info that would clear any doubts and ended with “yeah, you’re good to go! glws” haha

Because looking at Terms of Services doesn’t give much.
It’s always written in such a way that protects their business no matter what but allows for it to be flexible with anything (legal of course) until they don’t like it anymore.