Hello from the Whale's Vagina!

Hey Everyone, I’m over in San Diego, CA (hope you got the anchorman quote) haha!

Anyways, Ive been working with IG accounts for about 4 years now, currently managing about 3500 of them for clients across the world. It’s been a really weird and crazy journey getting into content creation/management/media buying/influencer management after just staring with growth hacking a couple of IG accounts for some friends… but have met a ton of amazing people and excited to hopefully help and meet some more here! If there is anything I can do to help anyone, please let me know! And I’m sure I’ll be asking quite a few of you lots of questions moving forward as this is an awesome community… sorry for being late to the party!



Welcome welcome to the party, I was late to the party as well better late than never!

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Keeping it classy with 3500 accounts holy s*it that’s a lot of clients to keep happy! Welcome aboard it’s not to have you here!

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Oh my, that’s a f*ckton of accounts. Can’t wait to hear about what you’ve learned and how you manage all those accounts.

Welcome, this community is fantastic!

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We try! haha but as you know, you cant make everyone happy all the time :stuck_out_tongue: cheers brotha! Thanks and looking forward to connecting on here!

Lot’s of people were added to the team to enable us to manage and grow the client base. Went from just me, to about 70 of us now after 2 years, so its for sure a huge team effort haha. Which means less money in the pocket and more towards growing the team etc… Im definitely the dumbest person at the table at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers and DM me if you have any questions about scaling into other services etc or even branding yourself in your local market. For us, content creation helped brand the agency and open up a lot of doors, even though it was a waste of money for a while and still is only break even… it ads a lot of credibility if you are trying to get businesses’ trust


Welcome mate! You will enjoy this community. I was late to the party too. I see you already have experience with a good amount of accounts, that’s awesome. Hope you learn and grow even more. And I got the anchorman quote by the way, don’t worry :smile:


Haha YES! thank you Jack! Cheers brotha :call_me_hand: If this was an actual party, I would grab you a beer!

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It’s never too late for some party mate!! :smiley: Welcome!

On the one hand I’m really interested in how you managed this big load of accounts and on the other hand how you managed that amount of clients! Did you outsourced the support to a VA, did you used a website for that, etc Im really excited to hear your story :slight_smile:

At a great time! :tada:


Sounds like you have some great stories to tell, looking forward to hearing more.

Totally missed he quote but it was great clickbait anyway :grinning:


Hello from a fellow San Diegan! Awesome to hear about your success scaling. Now that I have finally nailed down all my settings and jumped through all the proxy hurdles it’s all content creation, sourcing and management for me!

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Cheers to that brotha! Hopefully will connect with you soon!

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Haha I’ve always been horrible at developing clickbate… give me a Sony a7 to create some content and you someone else can write the copy hahaha :man_shrugging:


I want an ar7r so bad. I shoot a lot of macro and it looks so nice for that. Currently have a 6300 but I need to step it up like you! :muscle:t4:Sony gang :joy:

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Canon and Leica in my bag. :slight_smile:

The sony a7rIII is a beast… but its heavy and the 6300 is just as good for most video needs etc… its not the camera, its the operator…and gimbals help a lot too these days :wink: guys with 6300’s create epic shit, I’d rather travel with a 6300 than rIII for sure. :slight_smile:

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Hi @golfer4lyfe

Congratulations to your success :smiley: :partying_face: :champagne:
M ay I ask you something?
I am trying to target ONLY smaller and medium sized businesses from my home town, but some dont have budget, some dont believe not Social Media (and the return on investment), others think they can grow their account on their own… Seems like my targeting is not so good.
You have written:

can you say something about the majority of your clients? Are you having mainly

  • private people (non-business related) or
  • small businesses (below 20 employees)
  • medium-sized businesses
  • bigger companies?

Thank you for your help or any tip @golfer4lyfe :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @SkinnyGirl ! I’m still trying to figure out how everything came together haha, but I keep coming back to the team and people at the company who helped refine everything and add value in ways in which I could never :slight_smile: #teamworkmakesthedreamwork !

That being said, most of our clients are small businesses, under 20 employees, who all have a small budget haha. I also started doing the exact same thing you are doing right now, going after the local businesses in my town…I leveraged every relationship I had and my parents had and my friends had. The first 10 I did for free, then bought 2 canon T3i cameras and learned to make testimonial videos because I wanted to build trust Best thing I ever did. Case studies a proof is a lot easier to show prospects instead of trying to sell them on the idea it will work… you’re basically saying “look, you own a restaurant and dont think social media or IG will help? Here is a restaurant owner Ive worked with for 3 months that saw noticeable results from IG etc. Take it for what it’s worth, but believe me when I saw other restaurants who take advantage of IG are benefiting, if you dont think its worth it than it probably isn’t for you.” Those 10-20 clients I did for free all referred atleast 1 other business who paid, and I made them all do a testimonial video with me…still dont charge them to this day. But they are who grew the business and enabled growth outside of the city I lived in.

If you already have a lot of paying customers, I recommend you offer them discounts in exchange for allowing you to film some testimonials, and also creating a referral incentive for them, we do 1 free month of services for each person they refer.

Hope this helps, happy to give you some more ideas. I also spent a lot more time making sure the content was well dont and guiding early clients with strategy so they were an example I was proud to show to prospects.


Oh for sure. The better eye will always beat the better gear! I use my a6000 for video and my a6300 for macro/regular photo work. I dont see a current need for 4k video for what I’m doing, especially with instagrams compression. That shit kills so many good videos :joy: maybe we can get a thread going on yt video tips that have helped us out, glad to know there’s a good number of creatives here

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