Hello from the Whale's Vagina!


Very smart! :smiley: Thank you for the insights :+1:

People like you are a pure dose of motivation and inspiration and we need more people like you here :slightly_smiling_face:


Super Down! I’ll try to make one this weekend


Aww thank you @SkinnyGirl ! I’m just excited to get more involved and hopefully add some value where I can. I have already gotten a ton of value regarding 4g Mobile Proxy knowledge from a couple members… Proxies are probably our biggest weakness right now. If anyone has any advice on proxies etc, always eager to learn more :slight_smile:


I am not a proxy expert, but maybe someone else can chime in. What would be the most interesting field for you:

  • reliable mobile proxy providers?
  • setting up your own mobile proxy-network?


Well mostly right now I just need more of them, not sure we are quite ready to set up our own mobile proxy-network or how hard that is in the US from what I’ve read with mobile data rates here.

That being said, right now @HenryCooper has some great ones that I just purchased… but had a 1000 SMS challenges over night last night and I need about 200 more if anyone knows anyone with quality ones? i would go to Henry but they need to set up more haha. Thank you to everyone! @SkinnyGirl


Maybe one of these providers are good for you:





@SkinnyGirl I need to lvl up to get to Verona’s or digital7boy’s thread, but Im already in contact with him via skype I believe.

I will reach out to @Digital7Boy and @mindeswx thank you so much!!!


Did you try putting 1000 accounts on 1 raw mobile proxy and it caused mass phone verifications?


Yup, it worked for 6 months fantastically!


haha jk @RustyBread

nah we have 3500 DC proxies and use mobile for login only, but the DC proxies took a dump, a whole subnet got blocked I believe… so like 1k clients got SMS challenged. No bueno


Ahh gotcha.

I also looked into setting up mobile proxies here in the US but data is so expensive. I am still researching it though to see if it would be worth it for the cost/time to set it up and manage it.


Let’s just go in on a T-Mobile store together and get those discounts haha


We will get them restocked as fast as possible :smiley:


You are the man brotha!


You’re an animal. 3,500 accounts?
200 employees?

Right now it’s my wife and I managing 100 clients. We like our income level and lifestyle, but I’ve always wondered about taking it to the next level. Was there a time where it felt like there was an optimal balance? Or is it just more more more?


DUDE, I literally was at the same place except it was just me and about 50 clients 2.5 years ago haha. Basically I just had two of my best friends who had start-up experiences approach me and we discussed the possibility of scaling/what that roadmap would look like. Right now we are about 75 or so employees, 55 of us in the office and about 20 spread across the globe with 10 of them being developers and the rest video editors/graphic designers/illustrators. The 3 of us have pretty much 0 income still haha, all just goes back in the company, but diversifying about 30% of revenue to agency services and non growth products so far has been the result. Hopefully we can keep meeting cool people and see where it goes, but if you scale its definitely a sacrifice for 3-5 years without much of a lifestyle lol. Dm me if you ever want to connect or run ideas by brotha! Cheers and thank you for being a part of this awesome forum!!! Wish I came across it earlier haha


What are you investing back in? Seems odd to have zero income for yourself, but have 75 employees. I mean no disrespect, just trying to understand your scaling map and overhead.

Because with my wife and I, our only overhead is MP license, proxies, VPS, Paid Advertising, Business Insurance and Health Insurance - which equals about 6-8% of our revenue (granted, most of those are fixed costs). If scaling meant that my overhead ratio changed dramatically then I’m apprehensive to scale.


People, processes, products. I wouldn’t scale if you just plan on offering IG growth only…that is just me though. There are a ton of people who have successfully done that and profiting greatly from it. We just used the profits to grow the team and build other product offerings that I hope are sustainable long-term. It’s all a risk no matter what you do today or tomorrow, but by doing more agency work, we also get to see first hand what other businesses are requesting and seeing value in so we can adapt and build software around for internal needs… then decide whether its a good fit to release publicly. That is kind of the process right now. Still pretty scrappy though haha.


Ahhh ok, thanks for feedback and understanding.

We started by offering content, media buying and copywriting then added growth. Growth is probably 30% of our revenue but I’d like to keep it around there for when Instagram shuts it all down.

One thing we’ve been doing from the beginning that isn’t agency related is product sourcing and product design. Maybe you can offer it to your clients. We source and design everything from clothing to home decor to health products. We design the product for a fee and then charge a per item fee for every item ordered. As an example we designed a diffuser for one of our clients chain of stores. We charge $1,000 to create it and customize it. Then we charge $1.50 per item ordered from our manufacturer. They order about 2,000 per month for 10 stores. They like doing private label products because the margins are higher than wholesaling other brands. Once you design and order the product the first time, it’s basically one email per order after that. I source from China mostly and hire product designers off fiverr and upwork. This is just one product in one category from one client. Super easy to scale this work up to multiple products, multiple categories and multiple clients, once you find a quality manufacturer and designers.


Love that! Did you spend time in china to build that relationship with those manufacturers?