Hello from the Whale's Vagina!


glad to see you contributing here. keep it up. sounds like we could learn a lot from your story.


Cheers! Would love to hear yours sometime, hope you have a great weekend brotha!


Nice thread, for some odd reason I have this strange sense of “I know who you are (company wise)”.

Keep killing it, 3500 clients is definitely awesome.

Glad you found this forum :slight_smile:


Nah, I did have a friend there who sources shoes for Kate Spade give me some direction. Then it was trial and error to find good manufacturers. Some I found through Alibaba and Ebay. Always gotta get samples. There will be fck ups though!


sorry to thread jack @golfer4lyfe but @Race44 how many times did you have to have re-do’s on products when working with chinese mfg? what you do is somethings I’ve thought about for a niche that is highly underserved in my area but always feared chinese manufacturers just took forever to get something right becuase they charged by the sample plus shipping


Sorry to be vague but it depends on what you’re ordering. Something new? Something they already make? A variation of something they make?

If the sample plus shipping is really expensive, I’ll have the client pay for it. If it’s something inexpensive, then I’ll just cover it with my fees.

There will be a fck up though. I can guarantee it. It just happens. You will have to eat it.

My advice to you would be to find a manufacturer with a good English speaking rep that has good reviews. Do your research on them before ordering from them.


This is great man! Love this info, thank you all for sharing… cant wait to get into this more later this year haha… seems so fun!


Hey im new to IG and moving to San Diego from Minneaota in 2 weeks. Would love to grab a beer with a you and learn a thing or two?!


Just dm me and maybe we can meet up!


Seems like you really know what you are doing - welcome to the community, It is good to have you on board.

Maybe if you are available we can talk - I have some very interesting ideas I would like to discuss with you.


Always open to discussing things @IG6 ! Hope your weekend is going great brotha :slight_smile: And thank you for the warm words, not sure how much we really know but definitely learning with every fuck up haha!



OK best of luck for sure there are some gems on this site


Welcome here!


Welcome to MPSocial! Now I know where’s the Whale’s Vagina!