Hello, nice to meet you all!

Hi there!

I gotta say, I’m very impressed by this community and the amount of valuable information a person can find. I’m sort of a newbie to the whole game and would very much like to learn as much as possible.

I make my daily living as a software developer and wish to start a business on the side, just to see how it goes. I see there’s lots of knowledgeable people around here and that’s very motivating for me.

I know that there’s lots of information available to the higher level members. How could I potentially contribute to the forum as a newbie myself?

Thanks for all the good vibes.

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Hey man! Welcome to the forum!

You can take a look at what different levels there are here: User Levels Explained

As far as what you can do to contribute - just read the forums! See what interesting topics come up, and if you feel you can contribute with your knowledge, go for it!

If you discover some interesting info regarding marketing or social media or any related topic, start a new topic and tell us about it. If you see a people are facing some problem you have a solution to, (maybe you can write a small piece of code or script that they can run to solve their issue?) you can post that too!

And there’s a very nifty search tool on the top right, so you can always see if your questions have already been asked, or whether your answers have already been said before.

Cheers, and see you around!

Welcome to community

Nice to meet you too

Nice to meet you to

welcome to the forum!

Welcome nice to meet you as well

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Welcome, I recommend reading as many articles you can here. After a while you will be able to help out from applying the troubleshooting knowledge from working around the beast that is Instagram.