HELP 0 posts 0 followers 0 following!

My genuine business IG account has 2.5k followers (i purchased some from an smm panel a year ago just to give it a bump but most are genuine) over 500 posts which I manually write up/create and following about 1.5k.

When new people search me or other people have a look they see 0, 0, 0 with no posts.

Does anybody know why this is and how I can get it fixed please. I DID USE JARVEE THE SAVE POSTS method but no API calls or actions only saving posts from scrapers.

Can anybody pls help why this could be? I’ve closed Jarvee for 2 weeks now but problem is still occurring.

Thank you in advance

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What happens when you visit your profile, or people that are your followers? Are they able to see the profile normally?

My profile from my own app is fine working as normal.

For existing followers they can also access although there seems to be some of them complaining about not receiving DM’s and me also not receiving at times.

The biggest problem is when new people search me (I’m no longer at the top of search results) but when they click on my profile I have “No posts yet” 0 posts, 0 followers and 0 followings. They can only see my bio.

If I access it via a web browser, before I was able to see the page without having to log into any account. But now it says.

Sorry, this page isn’t available.

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram

This is my business account so should be accessible to all.

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Please could somebody help me out here. Would really appreciate it

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It looks like to me that your account got disabled or that you are getting some sort of verification request from IG.

But i’m still logged in from my apple phone and everything works as it should.

Should I log out and attempt to log back in?

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There is no ask for verifications at all. Pleasee somebody help me

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did you try to log in once again? what happened exactly, that issue is weird I have never heard of that.

Yes i was able to log out and log back in without any issues at all. No verification required.

Please could someone with relative knowledge help me out here

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This is really kind of unique situation. Maybe it’s just some temporary glitch from their side, or this is some kind of block. Have you try contacting IG?

It looks like some kind of block. I’ve contacted IG but they have not responded with anything. Just a FAQ to creating a new account. Which is not helpful at all.

When I google the instagram account, in google type in “instagram IG_Account” the result is my page but the description underneath ‘meta description’ is now in arabic and has some unknown things which never used to be there.

Really hope somebody can help me

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Can you send us the link to your account so we can see how it looks like on our side?

Have you tried doing some actions, follow, like, post some new content, maybe that’s the trigger for getting back your informations?

Is it possible that your account was hacked if you say that account details changed? Do you still see the account normally from your IG app?

I dont think the accounts hacked as I can login from the app on my phone and everything seems to work normally. My bio is fine on my IG account, in google however it was picking up something else but now the search result in google can’t be found.

Yes i have posted many times and my exisiting clients that interact with me are able to see it fine.

I’ve tried everything but the issue still remains

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Hi. OMG. That’s exactly what 3 days ago happened to my account. I’m really desperate looking for someone to help me or to have a similar issue. You are the only person that I’ve heard it happened that as well. Does it work now? What did you do? Please please help me.

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I am having the same problem. Can you please PM me? So that we could connect and talk about this problem.

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Unfortunately I’ve not been able to resolve it. No success whatsoever. Even tried paid ads to see if it would force unblock but no joy.

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Oh no! I have been facing similar issue for two plus weeks now and I haven’t heard back from Instagram either on my complaint. Looks like it’s been more than a month of you facing the same problem. What would you suggest we can do?

Try to change your username then deactivate and reactivate again

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It’s my business account, cannot risk loosing the username, you sure this shall be worth the shot?