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I’m totally new and trying my hand at managing 1 account only. I have encountered a follow block twice now. The first time the account holder would go in and follow any people who would follow the account back. I got them to stop doing that. Then chilled the account and start to warm it back up. I then get a follow block again a few days ago.

I have follow, unfollow, and like going. I’ve been reading that it should be 60 actions per hour. Is this 60 action for all follow, unfollow and like or is it 60 actions for follow/unfollow? The account is only 3 months old and I’m using my residential IP address.

I’m looking into getting a scrape account or two, to reduce the API calls, maybe that will help. My number are super conservative, from what I read.

Operations wait: 4-5 minutes
Delay 60-120 seconds
Daily Limits 25-50 and increase by 25 each day till 500

Max followers per hour 30 (but for some reason I had reached following 320 people in 6 hours, daily limit for that day was 375) Could it be because I had the “Follow a maximum of” Set to 0, the program disregard the max follow per hour, setting? I have sense put a number of 26-30 in there.

Max likes per hour 25 (My max likes are set to 275 in a day)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you guys think I should go ahead and invest in a Mobile or Raw proxy, especially since I want to get the scrape accounts

Also, I only execute between 12:00am and 11:59pm and night mode is enabled.

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I did read that previously along with a few others and my numbers were set accordingly and still I got a follow block. Just trying to figure out other possibilities for the block.

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Continue with doing A/B split tests. Write every parameter down and analyze afterwards. The only way to avoid issues is to figure out what the algorythm allows and what not. Thinking about what is human like makes sense to some point, but in the end a lot of things are setup randomly by Instagram. That’s why there’s no go around A/B testing with different parameters.

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Some people follow first, and unfollow later. Do you have both tools running at the same time? if you follow and unfollow at the same time, and follow more than 50 an hour you are really making a lot of actions.

Next time you can better post a screenshot of your follow and unfollow tool. It makes it easier for people to see what can be wrong.