Help choosing Proxy provider and configuration IG Jarvee

Hi Guys, I’m managing 10 IG accounts counting the scrapers. Half from Spain and half from USA. There is a proxy provider in Spain that promises to work fine with Jarvee, they give 10 privates proxies per 18€. The other one is Zproxies and its 5 residential IPV6 packages per 17,5€…

Which one should I choose? What configuration per proxy do you recommend guys? all the accounts to the Spanish DC like 1:1?
Just the scrapping ones?
1:2 to the US residential proxies even if the accounts are from Europe?
I have been questioning that since 2 weeks ago and I’m kind of stacked…


I think that ipv6 proxies are not recommended, or at least it’s possible that some will not work with Jarvee. It would be good if you could get and try residential or 4g mobile proxies.

For main accounts, I use one account per proxy, and for scraper accounts I have 2, 3 accounts per proxy.

For scrape accounts use cheap ipv6 datacentre proxies. Zproxies has them, 50 for $7.95. Massproxy is also fine.

Please do not listen to people who say that ipv6 proxies do not work with Jarvee :wink: I have hundreds of accounts on ipv6 datacentre proxies, and they run fine. 200 follow/200 unfollow a day, and can even make posts and some likes. You do have to monitor everything closely. But it does work.

The other one is Zproxies and its 5 residential IPV6 packages per 17,5€

That sounds expensive for ipv6 residential.

If you have important accounts you are spending a lot of time on (no scrape accounts) I would look at mobile proxies. I am testing one from 💎 Mobile proxies • 20$ month - Static, Rotating 4G/LTE Mobile Proxies $20 for a mobile rotating proxy with 10 GB a day. You can easily put 5 accounts on them, maybe even more depending on how much actions they make.


You said to use ipv6 proxies for scraping but then you say you also use ipv6 proxies to follow and unfollow?

Can you show us some screenshares of these hundreds of accounts doing 200f / 200 unf a day on ipv6?

It’s not impossible, but I don’t see you doing 200f + 200uf daily with an ipv6 datacenter consistently. I could be wrong, proof is in the pudding.