[HELP] Follow blocks

Hi, i have round 200 accounts and i get some actions Is someone else experiencing follow blocks on Jarvee? i changed proxies and i got the same. I have really slow times like 10 per hour.

I waited for 3 days after start doing actions.

I need a really good proxy provider.

can anyone help me to solve this problem about follow blocks.

Which proxies are you using?

@HenryCooper /13char

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Im using datacenter proxies, one account per proxy. Myprivateproxy provider. With custom plan

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Datacenter used to do better but have become more and more risky, but it’s not the only factor. A healthy account can run fine on datacenter, but I wouldn’t use it for an account I won’t risk loosing/hurting

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Which settings (follow, like, etc.) are you running and how many per day/hour?

This is the settings

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Did you bought the accounts?

No, are my clients accounts

You have to simulate a real user. I would do these things:

  • Enable Night mode 11pm - 7am
  • increase wait time between operations to 5 - 8 minutes
  • Follow between 5 - 15 people per operation
  • decrease the delay between each follow

And i would try another proxy provider

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I have a global night mode. For this reason it doesn’t show there.
But i have around the same night mode that you shown. But the only difference is that i use in a Global night mode for all accounts.

Some people can run accounts on datacenters very good, but I would not recommend doing this with accounts from clients. Datacenters are still tolerated by Instagram, but we dont know what is happening in the future. What is working today is probably already forgotten tomorrow. Residential and mobile are proxies the average guy is using. So better switch on them and keep your client accounts safe.


How many follows you wanna per day @Manuel1014 ? 600-660 or 100?

100 per day not more than that.

In my opinion. If you get follow blocks with these settings you have proxy or account creation issue. Or both.


Are you using links or dm?

Are you in adults niche? or using inappropiate content or using content people may report you for?


He said the accounts are from clients. So I also think a proxy switch could be something to take into consideration. Contact HenryCooper in the forum about proxies, you wont regret it.


Yikes . clients on DC.


Are you getting API call blocks where the follow tool will switch to embedded browser and then getting temporary follow blocks?

After resting accounts for 3 days did the follow blocks occur right away again?