Help get my locked account back

My personal Instagram account is locked yet again, and I want it back… lol

I send an email to verify to my email when logging in to my account, but it never shows up in my inbox, or spam folder.

I cant send a TEXT because i have changed my phone number and no longer have the one that is on file with IG.

I’ve been doing IG for a while now so I tried a few tricks - and am just wondering if anyone maybe has a link to use to write them?

It basically says I am locked out of my account and need to confirm ownership with the email or phone.

Ive tried resetting the password etc - before I had this happen I had a link to “contact” them basically.

I cant use this link: Instagram Help Center
Or i get this message:

Send the screenshot of the message that says that your account is locked, there are some threads about this topic available on the forum, but I’m not sure which one are you getting. Have you tried to use some other phone number to get the text?

Its literally my personal account on my phone, I can not swap the number out. It has two prefilled options one to send a text to phone ending in 5708 and another to send an email to my email.

I never receive the email and think the text would work - but don’t have that number anymore.

Is there a link to contact them about this!?

I had did it before, just can’t find that link anymore.

Try to use info from the last comment on this thread:


Try requesting a code using another device, if that doesn’t work, use another IP, see if you will receive the code, if it still doesn’t work, I suggest you just wait 5-7 days before requesting a new code. I believe you still have a high chance of recovering your account since you still have access to the email which is shown on the verification page.

Also, when changing the IP make sure that you use 4G or residential proxies they have a bigger trust score than other IP’s