Help me list all actions that might lower an account trust score

I want to make a list of all actions that might lower an instagram account trust score

  • Getting hard blocks

  • Using shadowbanned hashtags

  • doing spam comments

what else guys? please help me make this list

thank you very much

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Well hardcore F/U results in action blocks, so that.

yes the question is: does all actions blocks reduce trust score?

There is no way to know that short of having insider knowledge of IG’s scoring system

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I can tell you my reach was underground for 3-4 days after a 7-days hard block. 0 hashtag reach, low reach in general. Also my story views got halved. Then went back to normal after hitting explore.

Using a different phone number for each PV. Especially if it is in a loop.

How did you reach explore after the block?

I will write a thread about that!

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I am curious about it cantele!

Everything that does not help IG growing/earning:

  • spending not much time online
  • low/never clicking on advertisment
  • low/never using the suggested followers
  • re-/posting content with low ER
  • footprints from other accounts that earned some hard blocks using bots or high F/UF. Traces could be same mail, phone number, device IDs, even IPs or maybe cookies from browser.
  • and of course getting flagged will hurt any trust score for sure posting anything against the rules or being rude,

Of course all maybe.

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Why are you fear mongering?
I don’t spend much time on most accounts, don’t click on ads or use suggestions on any of my accounts, they’re all fine.

The only things I’ve seen leading to lower trust score are action blocks, flagged content and banned hashtags.
You can also check your trust score, just by checking if your posts are seen by non-followers.


A user that is clicking on ads, commenting or even using the swipe up is probably more valueable for IG. Therefore has less risk getting banned. Therefore longer / higher score…maybe

By has less risk getting banned I mean has more fredom boosting the account. Can maybe F/UF more. But this is all maybe. If someone with hundreds of accounts is testing this and get similar results it could be more than maybe…

You shouldn’t be listing anything you haven’t seen by yourself at scale.


stealing / reposting content (seems to be #1 reason for acc. disabled)
writing bad comments, curse words
getting reported often (if again, spamming DMs/comments)
Action blocks
inauthentic activity notification
changing device very often
changing location very often (imo)
simultaneous activity from two different locations/two different devices
abusing daily limits “quote on quote 6k/30 theory”
inactivity (not being active - uploading wall posts/stories)
poor warmup via software
abusing blackhat strategies (excluding F/UF, since this is lvl1 thread cant name them)
buying followers/likes
super low ER


this is very controversial, because i’ve seen lots of people saying that this isn’t a cause of blocks

idk i might be wrong on everything, im hitting daily limits on 100% of my accounts as of today

frankly we can say - safety first


and what is your opinion about changing image hash and meta data before reposting?

my clients wouldnt have enough money to pay me to do that

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Or just take a screenshot :wink: