HELP NEEDED! Pinterest blocked my URL


Thanks for sharing, but I don’t have access to the topic. Why I can’t see the topic?
PS: I didn’t even know that I can to that with google+ sharing


That’s from the private section, you’ll need to reach lvl2 to get there. use the search functions if you don’t know what levels are :wink:


I was repinning my own stuff. I had like 4-5 pins in total, repinning them 20-60 times each. So yeah, its obvious spam :slight_smile: I didn’t know what is too much, I know now :))


Hot tip… Flipboard is where it’s at.

I still haven’t tried Flipboard, though I heard that many people are doing well with Flipboard. How much time does it take to start making traffic from Flipboard. Give us a hint :slight_smile:


What about the other articles? And how many of them have you put on Flipboard?


LoL :slight_smile: similar thing happened to me on Pinterest once. I got about 60 euros in my adsense account in just couple of hours.

I was like: wtf, where the hell all the traffic is coming from?

1000s of UVs in just couple of hours… So, I tracked down the pin and I saw it was repinned by Jane Wong… She had about 6-7 million followers back then I think. Did small investigation there and realized she’s pinterest’s co-owner’s mom :smiley:

So much power for one person. It’s not fair :slight_smile:

I guess she’s one of the first who registered there and Pinterest was recommending her profile for all newcomers.

Unfortunately, she never repinned a pin from my profile.


So guys, let’s sum it up now. We have in total around 40 profiles:
@Adnan - 25-30 accounts that looks real :slight_smile:
@abbecain - 5 profiles
me - 5 profiles
Anyone else to participate and test this thing? And to try to help me of course :slight_smile:


Count me in with 30 accounts, appx 6 months old, i have total od 100 active,verified, but those 30 are old and in good shape :slight_smile:


Hi man,
I gave up, it took so long so I opened new blog now. :slight_smile:
Tnx anyway, let me know if you need some help with pint :wink:


My website is also blocked… i hv read the same thing somewhere that if many people appeal , pinterest will unblock the link…


I don’t have access to this topic … :pensive:

The title of this topic is too good to ignore. Any ideas why I don’t have access?


Pretty self explanatory though.
It’s what’s referred to as “parasiting” these days I think