HELP NEEDED! Pinterest blocked my URL

Dear MP members,


I got my url blocked on Pinterest. I tried to contact Pinterest support but I didn’t get any answer for unblocking my url. Does anyone has previous experience with this kind of problem?
I found some info that if multiple Pinterest users ask for url unblocking, Pinterest will unblock it.

BTW, this is a great forum! :slight_smile:

Thank you all in advance.


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I hate to be the one who has to disappoint you, but you’ll probably never get it unbanned.

Over the years I got a lot of them banned. I never managed to get any of them back. They response was always “This domain was reported as spam by our community, we’re sorry but we can’t unblock it…” - something like that.

I tried all kind of excuses, like admitting I spammed and promising I won’t do it again :slight_smile: , saying competition spammed their platform with my links, acting like dumbass and saying I didn’t know I’m violating their ToS. Answer would always be the same.

What do you think, what caused the ban? What exactly were you doing?

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Damn you are everywhere on this forum :slight_smile:
Actually its because of spam, even though I didn’t pushed it too much. However, since I was new to Pinterest I didn’t even know what is too much repinning nor that a URL can be blocked.
Have you ever tried to unblock URL with multiple users requesting that?


No, I haven’t. I haven’t seen that spam warning message for long time, do they offer option for users to report if they think it’s a mistakenly blocked?

No, but I found PT user with the same problem on other forum saying that he requested other members on the forum with their PT accounts to request unblocking his URL and he (they) succeeded. I don’t know what to do now since domain change its not an option for me right now… What do you think?

Well we can try, it will be a nice test. How many profiles you think we’ll need?

Though question… Maybe 50, I don’t know… I will be more than thankful if we can at least try this… How many we can count on? :slight_smile: I have 5 in total for the start :slight_smile:

I have about 25-30 atm that look real :slight_smile: so we can use those to test this.

If you don’t mind, contact that guy on other forum and see how many he used.

Then come back to me and send me the link to one of your pins in PM.

Let’s test this crap :slight_smile:

I think he doesn’t know ether. This is what I also found in the comments:

You need to have many people (your readers) to bombard them with requests to unblock your account. If it’s just you or a small number of people, it often won’t help… If you have a mailing list, ask your readers to help you.

The number of requests Pinterest received for his case may be huge.
I’m not sure if it will work with 30 accounts only. Anyone else to help here with their accounts maybe? :confused:

Honestly, the easiest way to get around this is to use the “never get your link banned” method - pin your Google+ post. I’ve had 7 domains “banned” by Pinterest, but have been able to pin my G+ posts that contain the link to my article.

I am assuming you were doing CPA on Pinterest? Or did repinning your own content caused the ban?

I don’t have a lot of active accounts currently, but I can chime in with 5 accounts to test it.

Not sure about OP, but in my case I was only repining my stuff.

I believe Pinterest is a lot like Reddit. If you only seem to be self-promoting, you’ll get in trouble.

Shit! Can repinning your own content lead to your URL being banned? Or was it only the account that got banned?

Did you follow @Adnan’s rule of pinning more of others’ content than your own?

Just my URL

No, not really. I use Social Networks Auto Poster to automatically post from my sites to my social networks. I use MP to repin other stuff that’s not my own. Most of these blogs that got banned were viral type sites that might post 15 - 20 articles per day. So, I’m sure there was a lot more of my stuff getting pinned.

It’s all good. I never really got Pinterest & never got much traffic from them anyway.

Hot tip… Flipboard is where it’s at.


Interesting. Thanks for the tip.
StumbleUpon might do a similar job.

Stumbleupon visitors have a very very very high bounce rate, at least in my experience.

But Flipboard… I made nearly $70 in adsense just from one article that got hot last week.


Wow! That’s crazy!
With how many accounts did you reach this amount?

Just one.

I’m trying my damnedest to figure out how to do it again & scale it. Funny thing was that I had only been posting stuff to Flipboard for SEO / backlinks - never really gave it any thought as a legit traffic source. Actually had never even really followed anyone on FB… better believe I am now! But damn, that one article was a goldmine.


Hi there, do you happen to know why this url can’t be accessed? Thank you!

Because Pinterest now says it’s spam.