HELP NEEDED PLEASE! New Political IG ACCOUNT (Manually) Warm up/Hashtags not working


So I created a political IG account on my phone manually (used gmail no phone number) and followed 25 people and liked a few photos (less than 30) and made some posts and stories.

However, I am not getting any reach! I only have 1 organic follower and none of my posts are even showing up for any of the hashtags.

I know when you create accounts through jarvee/proxies and automate you want to let the accounts rest/warm-up.

Do I need to do the same thing if I’m doing it on my actual phone?

Also, since they are not showing up in the hashtags what do I do?

  • Will adding my phone number help?
  • Should I switch to a business account?
  • Do I keep posting on my feed & Stories?
  • Stop using hashtags?
  • Just let my account sit for a few days

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

You don’t need help but patience


Start reading around the forum. You will know what to do in less than a month if you read at least 1-2h per day.


Thank you! Just got nervous because someone had told me that I should just scratch the account.

Will do, sorry didn’t mean to sound so panicked/like a spaz! I was rushing to write the post Before I headed out the door and just realized how it sounded

Just go slow, if you go fast with actions in the start Instagram will tag your account as a spam account

Could be to do with this

Instagram is even more strict when it comes to Political accounts. So be patient, and warm up slowly.