Help on ERROR 158 - Problem Publishing the Pin Check error screenshot

Hi Good day to all ! Hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.

I’m on a pinterest growth journey and i came across this “ERROR 158 - Problem Publishing the Pin Check error screenshot” . Using just one account to start with, but a business account. Can any one guide me here on how / where ot check the error screen shot and what to do with this error.

I also came across the “execute actions as business account” setup where the dropdown is empty , tried logging in couple of times but still it doesn’t show any option - is this normal ?


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Thanks in advance

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hey @prbuzz! I guess that the best option would be to contact support, they will be able to help you with this and to check with devs if there is really some issue.

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Makes sense , thanks @Bianca

I’ve checked that issue with their support and they told me it’s gonna be fixed very soon. Pinterest made some changes on their end.

Hey my friend :slight_smile:
try to sync your profile with actions on selected profiles and then sync profiles:

I believe the other issues you wrote will be fixed with that as well, good luck!