Help out this Pinterest noob here. All newbies are welcome

My question is fairly simple. How do I insert hashtags on Pinterest pins? All the youtube tutorials are either outdated or not clear and concise. How do you find out the number of post for the hashtags? I want to target less competitive hashtags.

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I don’t know of any tool that tells you pins per #. Pinterest is like any other network. The bigger the keyword, the harder to get seen, the longer tail it is, the better chance you have to rank. What I use is Pinterest itself. It tells you what is hot. For instance, if your keyword is tacos, put that in the pinterest search bar. You will see a bunch of keywords under it in different colors (for example: crunchy, soft, etc.) Click on one of those and you are driving deeper into longer tail keywords. When you click on one of them, you will see more suggestions underneath. If you do this a couple of times from your main KW, you are in long tail territory that you can rank for.

I tried using hashtags on my desktop version but for some reason I can’t get it to show. It works on my mobile version just fine. Why is it doing that? Do I need to enable something?

Are you using a tool? I don’t use anything other than Tailwind on Pinterest. Never had a problem. There is talk that #'s on Pinterest aren’t as effective anymore. KW rich descriptions work better. I have noticed some of the big accounts aren’t even using #'s anymore.

I am using the Pinterest google chrome extension and learning Tailwind at the moment.
Key word rich descriptions, how does it work? Please explain. I will utilize both for my growth.

google keyword rich descriptions. there are plenty of descriptions out there.

yeah you’re definately gonna need to have some good keywords. Hashtags can be inserted simply by updating the description :).