Help us confirm you own this account, cant login

it gives me 2 options, old phone nr i dont have anymore and old email i dont have access too, what can i do now? i multi login with several accs and they all get the same verification

ps im still logged in the acc on my phone and i changed my email and phone but it still gives me only the old phone and email i dont have access to

Sorry, I don’t understand. How can you change the account email and phone number when you get the help us confirm you own this account message? Anyway, you can try submitting the support request form, just follow the steps on this thread:

Now a days every thing is getting possible due to the bugs and glitches. I got a captcha and a ev as i entered the email to wait for verification… boom i was logged in without code :joy:

Yeah bro this is pretty annoying. I lost some quality high follower aged accounts I bought off someone because it asked me OG email from original creation :frowning:

It looks like they are trying to combat account selling aged accounts

Im still logged in on my phone but get this message every time i try to edit my profile. Im agraid i wont get back in when i logout now. And my other 15k follow accs are linked to this one and get same verification.