Any solution to Weird Screen? IG Account Locked!

Getting this one on my old accounts still.
I tried the opera broswer and VPN method + 4g phone method but nothing worked!
Can anyone help?

There is no reliable fix for this

And many more


Yes, it’s possible that some of the solutions that @schoko shared will work eventually, but they are not reliable and are not 100% accurate :slight_smile:

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I had this on two accounts . I do manual posting and the common thing was both had insta accounts and facebook logins on the browsers. Used fox and chrome . I logged out of facebook and deleted the cookies to it. I have not gotten them anymore. Understand I was getting on both accounts a average of once a week. 3 months later not one.

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I was logged out 4 days ago where the screen came up” help us confirm this account” and they are showing me my old email that i dont have acces to. The weird thing is that i changed my email adress to my account a week ago to a new one. So all the insta info is conected to my new email… they are still seding news and stuff to my new email because its conected to my account! How do i solve this i have acces to my phone number thats conected to my account too? So i dont understand why they showing me my old mail?? Anyone that can help??