Help with engagement


I got an Instagram account with 30k followers, it’s a personal travel photography page.
My engagement has been quiet bad and was wondering if anyone got some tips.

Here some insights.

As you can see, the first one is a better performing post, but most engagement is coming from hashtag… I barely reach anyone on my home feed.
The second two is from an average performing post.

Basically no matter how good the photo is ( even if its performing great on hashtags) my home reach is usually between 2800-4000 ( on some rare photos 5000-8000).

I am using Engagement Groups ( high quality, no tracking links from Telegram, and also a pod in Instagram itself, but without links, just messages and then the group will engage after looking for my latest post.) I use them to push the post in the first hour or so for ranking at hashtags.

I grew my account in the beginning via follow/unfollow till about 2k, then fanpage method till about 15k, + natural growth via shoutouts of my photos, hashtags etc. and some targetet giveaways for travel around 10k followers.

The max follows I ever get via insights on a post is like 8 followers.

Are these normal stats for an account with 30k or is this really bad and I am doing something wrong? Can I still save it and improve?

Thanks for any advice

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Personal pages are usualy low quality,you would have to be unique and post really high quality photos to stand out.Can you share some of your content?

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Some 30k personal accounts are doing worse than 5-15k reach per post. Content is very important also, especially if you don’t have any other growth strategy than posting and engage with your own account.

And, of course, you really need to stick to your niche (+++).

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could send some via dm if thats ok with you?

I still think they’ve detected you using engagement pods (usually this happens and they somehow shadowbann your posts and the engagement drops af)

i appear on most hashtags in top 20, dont think its shadow ban? or is there different shadow bans

Your engagement is pretty decent to be honest, it’s definetely not shadowbanned.
Some accounts have lowered reach since a month or two, I have few theoriesabout that. Do you happen to have followers mostly in the US, while you’re located elsewhere?

cool thanks. My followers are located mainly in US, Brazil, Philippines, but am living in Australia. By City my top location is the city in live in, then other cities in other countries ( not us)