Help with M/S - Outsourcing

Hey guys!

I’m new here, and have spent the last few days trying to absorb as much info from this forum as possible. (Super thankful for you guys!) but I’m in need of some help.

I’d like to start using the m/s method to grow my audience, and effectively help more people within my niche. I’ve read a lot of threads on m/s now and they all end up suggesting I learn it myself. Ideally, I would really like to - but this takes away time I could be using to help my audience and put out better content. I’ve also heard it’s gotten a bit more challenging recently.

When I research IG services/agencies, I’ve found a ton that seem like they would give short-lived results and end up just feeding you fake followers. I believe self-promotion/advertising isn’t allowed here, but I’m glad I found a network of experts in the field. Can any of you guide me in the right direction for help with m/s?

I just feel like the right person to help me is here.

M/S got much harder and we saw big rep people here fall on it.
Only real way to find a way to succed is trial & error.
90% of the knowledge you need is on the forum, the 10% left is up to you to refine strategies and make it actually works.

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Not sure I got your post correctly. Are you looking for an m/s provider to outsource or for someone to help you learn it?

for info just read the forum for a few days, afterwards we will be glad to help if we can.

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I would prefer to find a provider but I’d like to stay in the loop with the process and learn. From the sound of it, the best way is for me to experiment with it myself and I’ve found some great forums here for getting started. I just don’t want to bite off more than I can chew - this is my first time even playing around with automation.

So a bit like teaching you to replace us? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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nobody is going to take you through the whole process as the M/S has become way harder than it used to be 6 months ago. and only few people providing it with limited spots.


What would you suggest I do then? I’m really not all too excited about diving in and learning all of this, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to grow my audience.

there’s many ways you can grow your account not only with M/S
Checkout this thread, will take you through multiple methods to grow your accounts organically with in-depth details

[GUIDE] Growing organically again without automation. My secret and proof


So helpful!! Thank you - I’d still like to use M/S if possible, but I can at least get started with this now! Really appreciate your help.

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There are still a few offering m/s, myself included, but I don’t believe anyone is willing to take yyou through the process, which changes all the time anyway…