[GUIDE] Growing organically again without automation. My secret and proof

Hello all,

After reading endless struggles about action blocks and organic growth, I would love to share my methods and how I am growing using the basics we forgot overtime. I am growing 80-150 followers a day using below mentioned methods.

I keep testing new methods all the time and wanted to fool proof it before sharing with you guys. So I apologize it took sometime to post a new guide after my last one.

I know you start rolling your eyes immediately after seeing this. But listen, Hashtags are starting to work well again (not amazingly well like it used to be) but still helping me get loads of impressions and pushes every single post of mine to explore page.

Before judging, let me break it down why I say this is impressive. When the massive engagement drop wave happened in June, I was getting only 3K - 4K impressions during that time. The numbers I get in other is from Explore page as I see my post moves to Explore after few hours of posting and gets clubbed together in Other a day or two after posting.

@Alexnvo has mentioned in countless places that Shout-outs can help you grow your pages massively. I completely agree to him (this is a big part of my growth).

As a photographer/influencer, I use the right hashtags to target pages and leverage my chances to be featured in their community for free. How this can help your growth? For example, one shout-out from a community with 300K followers got me 80-100 followers.

Coming to Ads, if the above mentioned method is too much for you. There has been a lot of controversy that Ads affected their ER. This never happened to me but at the same time, I don’t run Ads on all my posts (just the ones which are my personal favorites). I run my Ads for not more than 2EUR (coffee might be expensive than this :smiley: )

2 x 502 STRATEGY:
No growth is possible or the numbers in your profile is not useful if you don’t create a community. To create my community efficiently, I select 50 posts twice a day, leave a like and a meaningful comment. Takes 15 minutes to finish 1 x 502 strategy.

How do you do it?
Method 1:
Select 5 hashtags that’s relevant to your niche and go to “Recent Posts” - like and comment on 10 pictures that you truly like.

Method 2:
Go to competitors page who has 30-50K followers. If you don’t have one, select 2-3 people who are competitors in your niche. Go to their recent post which is posted just few hours ago and engage with the people who liked or commented on their posts.
I do this for 50 people only to make it time efficient.

This helps me to increase my ER steadily.
Screenshot from IG Blade

Now my growth using all these methods:

As always, I am happy to hear if you think I missed something. This is a community, keep sharing what you know and help others.

Happy Growing!



Great content here and this will work

It’s not for the lazy People but you are right it’s all about building a community


Thanks for your post- I get similar numbers just doing the daily follow limits on active accounts (that post daily and use hashtags). I did notice the accounts using good tags are the ones seeing +100 or more per day in growth. On average ones that don’t post daily or don’t create exciting content, only see +30-50 per day.

I also urge clients to do the Gary Vee $1.80 strategy, which is the same thing you referred to- building a community and sharing your knowledge with it. I have experimented with a few accounts and the effects of heavy community engagement that was organized- the effects can still be felt. I still get followers of interested business accounts that were browing hashtags where I commented months ago.

Do you like using Social Blade vs another tool like Ninjalytics better?


Nice share bro , did you stop using automation till next jarvee update or you stopped completely ?
Also for shoutouts i agree that they get great for getting more folliwers but for example you said 80-100 follower gained with it gow much did you pay for it ?

Totally not for lazy people and also for people running 100’s of pages (would be practically impossible for them). :smiley:

I don’t do follow/unfollow in my account which helped me to start working with big brands even with smaller account size. They did check my whole account history before collaboration. But I am sure you can grow steadily using follow/unfollow too.

1.8$ strategy is great and similar. Only that he is wrong asking people to engage with the top 9 popular posts (hard to get followed back by those big profiles), but when done on recent posts it can do wonders :smiley:

I love to use Ninjalitics and IGblade better than SocialBlade (the bold grading and ranking on the social blade, makes me feel small and depressed)


Thank you so much! :pray:

I never did automation in my profile and never paid for any shout-out. I get featured everytime just with the quality of content and by hitting explore

Great advice. I use a similar strategy but i’m a bit lazy so it doesn’t work as well haha.

How are you sure that explorer results are grouped under ‘Others’? By seeing your post in the explorer eg?

We have discussed it in the past and @Alexnvo was definite that they are not grouped…

And an example that performed well from hashtags but no sign from explorer:

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Great post, thank you for sharing, many golden nuggets these days :smirk:


There are one of these two factors that gets combined to other.

Scenario 1:
If you don’t see hashtags in the impressions list but increasing numbers in other, then other contains impressions from hashtags + number of saves + number of shares.

Scenario 2:
If you don’t see explore in the impressions list but increasing numbers in other, then other contains impressions from explore + number of saves + number of shares.

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In the first screenshot I didn’t use hashtags, impressions from explorer and others are given separately and impressions coming from others are increased.

In the second one I used hashtags, no sign of explorer impressions. Explorer impressions do not show up in my analytics when I use hashtags. But I am not sure if they just don’t appear or they are grouped with others or if they are zero.

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Thanks for the amazing guide! Quick question: how often do you post? And do you think you would grow faster if you posted more often?


I loved this strategy, thanks for sharing.
May I ask you, is there a way to see how many visualizations per single hashtag?

That’s interesting. I am still curious what’s happening in your first post then. there’s always been a mystery about other but I was pretty sure it’s either hashtags or explore.

But how many saves do you have from that post?

you’re most welcome buddy! I post on alternative days and this has helped me to absorb a lot of engagement from my profile.

Lot of other creators I spoke to, have the same result.

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That’s amazing! So happy to see that you are having these results. It’s simple but you have to put in the work.


12 from that…

Yes, it is a mystery. It’s like they don’t want to show my post to more followers and they are showing it somewhere else, no idea what they do!!

Trust me, it did a lot of good for me. I don’t restrict myself but the same time, don’t do it for more than 50 posts in order to keep it under time limits.

Just scroll through 5 hashtags you like and engage with 8-15 images per hashtag depending on your interests with the posts. :slight_smile:


got it ! :slight_smile: