Help with Niches popular among elderly

Hi mpSocial people,

I need help with Niches that are popular among Elderly ( Senior Citizens ) in USA. 40+
How do I find these niches? Are their any brands that they go for?
These people should be tech noobs.

If someone can help me in this, please help.

Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure of niches to target, but Facebook may be the best platform for reaching senior citizens.


Basically right now I’m trying to find niches that work with senior citizens.
Any product or brand you know thats popular among the elderly online?

Depends, AARP, AAA, Ensure etc.


Can you explain? I didnt get you brother.

One off the top of my head would be companies in the medical field.

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Well that could work for me. Lets get back to google and search about websites that promote something like this.
Thank you so much buddy.
If you have more in mind, please tell.

Depends- Like diapers, but for old folks.

AARP - An popular website for old folks.

AAA -Roadside assistance, lots of old folks use.

Ensure- A special drink that helps old people stay healthy…

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You helped me in the best way possible! Getting back to google to see, how are they making ads out of them.
If you find more stuff that elderly are interested in, Please tell me.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi buddy,
Do you know more websites like AARP that are popular among old folks?
This AARP website helped me.

Google it dawg. “What are old people into?” "What do old people do for fun?"
just a little bit of research and you can find subjects and then sub niches in those searches.


You think I didnt do it, I tried.
I’m trying it from almost two days, should I send you ss of my history to prove it now?
Its just I couldnt find any websites that could help me!
Still thank you for your suggestion, I’ll do it again.

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Maybe think of some older authors of books.
Dare you search “Books for old people” :joy:

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I need to see how these websites are working, what products are they promoting.
How are they running their ads on different display network.
Its a little different thing. If you know such websites please tell me the links.
That might help me more. Thanks.

Lol I go for some gardening forums this is where 90% of them are old farts :smiley:

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This is what I need people to help me with. Thanks man!! :yum:

If there is anybody who knows more like this please tell. Thankyou!!!

You could hit Viagra and Cialis like stuff as well. although stupid kids could join those I guess…

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Nice one… i am 40… fck my life…i am an elderly…

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Also note the demographics are largely different across social media channels…

Twitter / Linkedin / Facebook / Pinterest has the oldest users

Instagram - 20-45

Snapchat - Teenagers to young 20’s

You may be able to have a successful niche for young followers and target the follower’s parents or family.