Hi i am 36yo and from germany. My focus is high engagment


Hi i am since 2 years very active on instagram. I am a artist and use it to promote my own pictures.
I also manage some clients. My everyage engagment on the accounts is about 20%.
Grow and engagment are my main focus. I even have a slave acc that have 70% engagment thats more then my main that have about 25% :joy:
I reach this nummbers with good conntent and good settings in jarvee.
Atm i test alot becouse of the new limits of followings. I think in the end i will simple make more slave acc :wink:
I am also into paid fb and ig adds. Atm i run a add for my personal page and pay 1cent per click.
So i think i am kind of a instagram nerd.
Its nice to found this place here to find people that also pretty deep into instgram and other social media.
its nice to meet u :smile:


Guten Abend Andy! Welcome to the community :blush:


Thank u very much Typhoon. I wish u a nice weekend :slight_smile:


I wish you all the best in your journey :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community fam. :blush:


Really happy to have you with us bro ,nice seeing you here ,you’ve came to the right Place :hugs:
if you have any questions let me know it ,i will be more than happy to help if i can!


Damn, the desperation to get to level 2 is getting serious.


Welcome and tell me… 70% engagement?? how is that? I would love to hear more :wink:


Viral content probably is the secret
And definitely getting to the explore section


Thank u alot yellowspb :blush: same too u :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


Keep it up bro :raised_hands:


Thank u very much omerialex :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome on board! Enjoy your stay and make it count! Every piece of knowledge you share is welcome and appreciated!


Same to u bro. Thank u for your kind words alossra. :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


desperation? :joy: Not realy. My accs working very well and mostly i learn by try and error. But i realy thing its time to connect and exchange some knowledge to speed up some steps. I alrdy hlped and shared usefull stuff here and want to be a part of this community. Yes and maybe one day it will result in lvl 2 but i think i alrdy done and know most of the things :wink:


Its droped 5% engagment somehow but its nothing special. Its not viral conntent i am just a good photographer and done good trageting. Also i use likes to like followers content. Its mostly about good resarch to find the right tragets. Btw this is just a slave. I not even post there anymore or do anything. its just on autopilot. :joy:


I posted that acc u can check it in that threet now. realy nothing special just good tragets.


I alrdy try my best. Thank u very much. I wish u a nice day bakedcookie. :slight_smile:


Well, I see man, but one of the reasons you have such a big engagement is because your last post was posted in February
It won’t work the same way if you start posting more often


Maybe thats true but to have most acc around 20% is ok for me :slight_smile: