Hi Instagram SPIES! Let's compromise!

Hello Instagram employees, I would like to have a reasonable discussion. I consider myself an ethical man and an entrepreneur who creates unique and useful content for my followers. I actually created a niche which did not previously exist. I am not posting adult content, not spamming people with DMs or comments, I’m not even following nor unfollowing. Lately I have been blocked from liking on Instagram. Liking is essential to your business platform.

My request is: will you please allow us to at least like people’s posts which will be beneficial to you and drive more traffic to Instagram in a positive manner? Allowing influencers to like people’s content in mass is a win win for both Instagram and the influencer.


Yeah mate, sure. Let me remove all like issues on your account right now. Because you asked so nicely, I’m going to up your monthly follow limit to 200,000 as well. How does that sound?


We will take your requests in consideration and let you know in the near future.

Instagram team


Yes sir, we can do that. This will cost you $49.99 monthly, no hidden fees. Just send us your username/password and we will boost your limit for likes, follows, unfollows etc. We accept PayPal.

                                                                     Thank you

                                                                     Mark Zuckerberg

Haha, I wondered what sort of responses would come in.

can you do the same please for me :+1:

Hi @LongNecksThreeHorns,

If you want to get more traffic to your Instagram page, please feel free to use our Instagram ads. They can be powerfull, as 20k dollars could lead to approximately 20 (without the “k”) followers.

Hope it helps,

[[ We will (almost) not kill your reach. ]]

The Instagram team.


No worries.
M. Suckenburg


No. We hate our application and everyone who uses it which is why we consistently lie to the public about what we are doing and try our best to make the user experience a ZERO out of ten.



That’s LinkedIn’s strategy. If only IG would adopt it :smiley: They’d make a lot more money than constantly trying to push ads



Hahah exactly

While you guys are at it, I’d like free helicopter trips so I can take good pictures which will bring more traffic to your website!

Instagram does not like you to play or manipulate their content delivery algorithm.

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they are already compromising, our accounts :no_mouth:

So true :smiley: Mark wants our money! :smiley:

Does that mean the best way to grow is letting everything happen naturally?

No, but they do not enjoy people touching the likes, which is the main reason the like limits and blocks were harder then the follow limits and blocks.

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2020 Aug, we wont have any Api to work with… 2020 elections is the end of the social media! Zuck dont have enough coins to cover his senate debts… Facebook instagram is now a social goverment tool. No one care about profits and ads, this is about learning us for security reasons only.