Highproxies proxies didn't work

Hello everyone.
I bought 5 proxies from HighProxies in February. Recently I found my pinterest accounts didn’t work normally. Then I went to “Proxy Manager” and verify all proxies. But the proxies often showed “Proxy Error”.
How do the proxies work? Why could they work all the time?
What proxy do you use? Please recommend to me.

Maybe your password changed (from them)

Step 1: contact Highproxies and explain
Step 2: double check your user and PW
Step 3: If everything is OK and they still do not work, request new ones.

I often saw the proxies show “Proxy Error”. Do you see the same problem? The proxies couldn’t work all the time.

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If you see the problem all the time, then why did you wait until now? And why haven;t you contacted them? MP social is not highproxies, we can’t help you with your problems, only they can. If you are using an IG proxy, perhaps it doesn’t work with Pinterest.

And no, I don’t see the problem ever.

I had already contacted highproxies but the problem was not resolved.

And? what was their answer?

@harry8195 When you go to Social Profiles section and click on Browse next to one of your Pinterest accounts, does Pinterest open up for you or all you can see is a blank empty page?

Also what was their answer about your issue?

I have the same problem with their proxies, it has something to do with multiple ping very fast. Like if you click verify proxy one it works fine then once again in a few seconds still fine, but if you click verify proxy fast 3 times it locks it up and shoots back an error. IDK

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They are scammers - their stuf doesn’t work for social media.


Hy @AnSo of course you know but just for the case you dont know or maybe did not notice. I wanted to let you know this thread is almost 2 years old. Nowadays people are aware their proxys are lets say “not the best” for IG. But i agree.


I’ve tried and tested HighProxies for a few months myself. Mutiple accounts and proxie replacements, the support was good but the proxies didn’t work for me. I can’t recommened them :frowning:

Which ones do you recommend? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Best proxies i’ve used so far is @HenryCooper but thats for IG havent tried this on Pintrest


i have heard a lot of people complaining about highproxies recently

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Highproxies in 2k19 :rofl: