How are any of you still making money?


Seriously, how are your clients not mad with all the blocks, bans, compromised, etc.? JV sucks, Masslooking is down too and there was a huge compromised wave. I’m at a loss right now what to do. I put all clients subscriptions on pause until I find some solution. I’ve been in this game for 2 years, it seems like not many people are talking about the current situation. Instagram seems to have all botting gone in the near future. I would appreciate your insight. What are you guys doing now? What value are you bringing to clients?


Its not easy for anyone i am since 2014 in this, there are no simple solutions to work anymore. You can wait as we all do something new, or stop and refund clients for not delivered service and move on, many other things you can do in life.


I’ve been quiet on here for awhile. I shut down my manual growth service which survived the June blocks and everything else till the September blocks/accs compromised. We couldn’t fix the account compromise messages and since I worked mostly with personal profiles they quickly jumped ship- aka risk was not worth it to them.

I figured I can still offer running story ads for IG growth or lead gen (or e-mail lists). Currently I refunded every single client for the last month and have 0 as of now.

Been testing story ads and tooling around with POD/shopify ideas now that I can grow pages and social proof quickly. If anyone here cares to join in on a project or partner up- I’d be very much down. So many ideas, my head is spinning.


By doing everything manually with real phone and a team of people

No complaints thus far!

Give me all your clients if you all want to give up :blush:


I did that with about 30 client accounts and will still would get blocks, compromises, etc. I know it’s unavoidable, but it didn’t feel right taking clients money and then getting them blocked.


Thats because with manual there are still some tricks to it, which is to act like human being

I got that too 1st month running manual, but once you figure it out… its all done


Tools are great until they don’t work. IG/FB and others have been blasted for bad practices they engaged in. My guess would be that once they get through this, the platform will be fine. Wait it our a couple of months and see if it doesn’t get better. My 2 cents, at least.


still easy money in Instagram automation

what I fear is how many bad decisions Facebook has taken in last 6-ish months… I barely see “normal” users talking positively about the platform itself, all hate, all negativity and complaints even from normal end-users… if this trend continues, welp…


I basically told all my clients their subscription is frozen while I fix their promotion. I honestly don’t know what to do either. No matter how slow I go no matter what I do in the settings. AC Everytime.


agreed. Seems the biggest demographic of people on FB are low income or retirees and business owners. Who else did I miss?


Any luck with growing accounts thru IG story ads?
I have been researching it and reading about it, but have not done any tests yet


yes. $5/day gets 30-50 people with good targeting/optimization. I found some research and investment into creating good content with engaging captions works well. And its much cheaper than FB CPC


@shipfaced2015 Interesting and encouraging. I definitely need to learn more about it then.
I spend hours and hours problem solving the blocks on JV and if I invested that time in to story ads I think I would be better off. My clients with be thrilled with 30-50 new followers per day for $5/day.
Can you send some links to me that would help learn more about story ads.
Thank you


Interesting. I think that could be scalable. You consistently get 30-50 a day or that’s the best days.


No, once you play around with it and get good and writing engaging captions/connecting with target audience, it’s pretty solid. Back in June I consulted with a friend when the action blocks started. She went to IG stories and is now closing huge deals, while I’m rebuilding everything and starting from 0. I’m only a year into this, but gotta be quick. Learned my lesson


Im moving my focus into a “Paid Traffic Agency” as well, DFY Ads and Funnels with lead generation and email growth. Definitely looking to joint venture with some one going down the same path…


Do you (does your friend) use a lot of targeting options on FB ads? What kind of objective do you use when creating the ad in ads manager?

I’m going to test some accounts. Thanks for the heads up.


Traffic ads work great, the less targeting the lower the cost, I’ve found a 15 second video ad can work great for growing an account as well as driving traffic… here’s some of my number


But what’s the value of untargeted (possible 3rd world country) followers? It’s impressive though.


The value is huge. Once you get enough likes from 3rd world countries which are cheap you can then push the same post further to the 1st world as it already has social proof - lots of likes.