How are any of you still making money?


I target both, one ad set for cheap third world followers, which gives you engagement and social proof, then another ad set which targets my ideal customer avatar… you need both realistically


Manual, m/s or power likes. If you want to avoid all the headaches m/s. Assuming you were doing 50-100 with sv that’s 5-10 m/s pages manual. Work on your targeting and it’ll be 5. Old method if you still have jv use it to dm and build your own groups. It’s a numbers game.


Back in June, July August. I did refund to some of my clients due to not being able to provide good service. In fact we almost gave up on automation but after consistently persevering and doing major patches and tests. We just let our service run now and with proper resting its able to follow 40 to 180 per day. Temp blocks are normal but no AC, Hardblocks.

I read 508 is a pain in JV now and we encountered that as I recalled 2 Months ago already where simple follow or unfollow just 1 or 2 can cause temp block. Relogin doesn’t always work in some accounts. We then patched again and made a tweak again on our backend… tested it a couple of times that if normal Relogin doesn’t work then do the much complex workaround. For now IF JV havent fixed this then JV users need to wait bcs it’s not something you can manually keep changing in the settings everyday considering if you scaled having huge client base

Same as everyone i spent everyday testing and really almost drived me crazy haha but guess you will get results when you never give up. Just keep trying and dont lose hope


manual for u, is hire one person to do the action manually?


that is correct, 20 people to be exact now


I had to also give up my clients, I’m now trying to sell most of my accounts and get off MP and back into property.

These blocks are not worth the time!


where are u from?


indonesia my friend


Of course not offending you.
You are so lucky.
Cheap labor is in your country and people respect every job.
Be happy ! : D


u are lucky my friend, in italy i can’t… do u have clients worlwide?


clients are from switzerland, spain, germany, USA


i thiink even if money is still available it’s waaay more dificult than 5 months ago now if you wanna grow with f/uf you have to get minimum 5/6 accounts to get same result of 1 account not only that ut you have also to get from all this blocks problem i see on the forum people growing without hashtags and automation but i think they have accounts that are already bigger than 10k so ofc it will be easier but in case you have just started growth or you started reusing a inactive accounts for months it’s pretty much impossible to grow without f/uf and m/s


try to promote own accounts instead clients. Test different bots, different proxies. Or just switch to another social network for 1-2 months.


You can always sobcontract people or companies from other countries, this is globalization, be happy! :slight_smile:


I developed my own bot for the last 4 months and it still not great, I get blocked after a week of 80-100 follow every day, but few months I think it will work as manual do.

meanwhile I use it to unfollow and follow manually.


How do you find workers in which you can trust will do the job?

I’m from the UK so would need to find cheaper labor


the worker is on my office… i set up my own office here in my country, recruit people and oversee them my self

definitely will not work in the UK, where each meal there costs 10-15 pounds, we eat at 1 pounds per meal


If I may ask.
How much do you pay them


You can even optimize the cost by buying potatoes and rice in bulk for the whole team for a year.


minimum wage here is $125/month… not telling/saying how much i pay them, that’s just for your reference