How are any of you still making money?


LOLLOLLOL i love it


how many clients can manage an employing?


hundreds on a very well trined one


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Please remove the comment with the offer because you do not have level two. And this is also not a thread in which you can present your offer. There’s a department for that.

And the administrator must accept your offer.
That’s the regulations to stick to.
A lot of people here are gullible and nobody knows if the service they are advertising is fair.

Thank you


(y) that’s the last time I’m posting on this forum.


full automation will be over soon, but Instagram is adding a feature where you can permit some third-party apps to do some actions for you (published in Instagram blog).
so I think its time to use semi-automation providers. I am using a feature of a bot which you set your targets (hashtags and location) and it will bring you a list of targeted users where you can follow them, like and comment on their posts (making a of of templates and use them properly cause now you can see where you are adding it). it speeds up the manual actions because they are all in one place and the chance of getting blocked reduces significantly cause you do it in a humanized speed.


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Not only full automation, but the world is going to end soon, trust me. 2020 is the date now, it’s time to sit back and relax.

As for automation these are the best times ever, less people can spam (good thing), so actually people notice your actions (good thing).
Before June updates I felt like doing interactions was getting ridiculously small amount of attention, because people got tons of unwanted interactions. Now it’s better.


Lemme get my tinfoil hat then…


do you have exact date for world ending? Asking for a friend


That was an irony.


Flipping burgers, thanks mark, you gave me great carrier in macdonalds…


Doing manual follow/unfollow, working like a charm and scaling to hundreds of clients.


Manual still works perfectly, you just have to find your way around it. I’m still able to follow 400+ people daily without issues


what do you mean with " find your way around it " ?


I dont have an agency but automation still working for me in some degree, to decrease the cost I change my bot providers from the subscription based to one time payment based with some impact to the quality


What you call “full automation” will never end. Period. Absolutely everything done by a person in a piece of software can be automated. Automation is just another input device :wink: Cheers.


i use my own connections and shoutout network to grow my client accounts and it working very well


How can you manually do follow/unfollow on hundreds of accounts?