How are any of you still making money?

Aren’t you getting blocks? and how many dms are working in a day for you?

Automation and biz is scaling back up.

My money does not come from automation but consulting – For some I am building their own networks – The days of anyone saying I will grow your account, getting clients and putting them on automated systems on automatic are long gone now. There are success in this – via automation/manual systems, yes. It takes a great of knowledge today – and many, many are hungry to grow and pay.


Demand is greater than ever, just gotta figure out how to deliver.


+1 on this :slight_smile:

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Most active Person on Mpsocial. You deserve level 4 my friend. :+1:t2: You are contributing to most of the threads here.

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This aged well.

Thank you. I am doing less here than before, it only seems I do more as the other OG’s left or silent. This place I owe a great deal to – It’s my paypack –


I’m seeing this trend also, even with all that COVID situation… IG business is booming to be honest. But still you need to be well set up to do something. One thing is for sure, for any success there is a lot of sweat behind :man_shrugging:t2: I’m happy for all of you still rocking MPSocial to me it was and still is a knowledge nest!

Consider at least 2 fold of users online. Think how many have time to browse IG?!

All whilst not many automation marketeers market.

Jarvee at this time works brilliantly! Also make sure to SEO!!

Too bad shipping products between countries is a pain in the ass.

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Hey man, are you still down?


AC is probably account compromised message on IG

Hey all can I get a link to Jarvee

@onward here you go bud:


well, i try to keep my dm’s between 20 and 25 max (daily) but the main thing that i focus on is the spin syntax to create unique messages and the night mode as well at least 6 hours with no Dm’s (you can’t actually dm when you’r a sleep :joy:)

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Thanks a lot . . .I also wanted to know Do you manually scrape your new followers to send dms? or is there any other easy way?

You can scrape them with Follow tool. Inside Follow settings tab there is an option to send them to Contact tool


You can also use the contact tool, send messages to new followers, that way the new followers gonna be scrapped automatically then sent to the send messages tab